Sunday, October 25, 2015

Limited Edition Watercolors...Joy of Technology

Dear Friends,

I have been selling my Limited Edition watercolors. I use an established printer in Falls Church, VA. They do work (among tiny users like myself) for Smithsonian. I'm so thrilled with the results. However they do not make cards (grumble grumble). I do plan to continue to work with these printers here, locally.

I am pulling together a team to help me make and print very high quality cards as I write this entry.

Meanwhile this lovely edition has sold. It will be a surprise birthday gift for someone. I love that its so high quality paper and ink and will last and last. And its affordable and collectible!!!

Another kind of joy I feel from painting is the immeasurable kind received when another person
likes my pieces. Immeasurable flow.

There are more of these Limited Editions of most of my originals, signed and dated, available in my etsy shop.

Not much other news than I've mentioned on Facebook.  I am nursing two root canals. One has proven to be a bit of an angry root. So I have been on penicillin and Aleve. 

Been baking pumpkin bread with added walnuts and chocolate. mmmmm...Autumn flavors!!!

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