Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Happy Morning...

...while busy losing myself in a morning watercolor sketch, something arrived..

New Arbonne products I ordered last Saturday. Oh the colors! (and lookie, hubby got a big thing of shaving gel!) I'm excited about this for several reasons. First and foremost the fact that these babies are very good for the skin and not tested on animals. More good reasons in a follow-up blog, I promise!

Aside from the warmth of my kitchen, my many areas of the house where I can practice art, and a fine hot cup of Joe (and Ginger prancing about) - the sight of the UPS guy made me giggle with glee. (I truly giggled aloud)

Here's what I received in my goodie box today:

Here's what I was playing with as I sipped my java...this exercise loosens me up and helps me greet each day. I do these paintings for my soul and to celebrate the joy of what is to come. (we never know what's around the corner, right?) So my Winter philosophy is - Get up and paint, drink coffee, laugh with hubby and love my furry animals!

My etsy sales are showing many views, this is fantastic. Honesty, more fantastic would be some actual sales. I know the site is brimming with jewelers, and there are so many great shops on etsy now, I think this simply complements my shop.
I have many items ready to ship, and baby they are built to last! I can't say if I love your soul, I don't know you, and didn't reinvent the jewelry-wheel, but my pieces are a part of me, from my soul to my smithing bench. My one woman shop.
I'm thinking it's time for a give-away vlog, in fact, the closer I get to my 1,000th etsy sale the the bigger the prize.

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