Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Day in the Life of my Etsy Shop

First, I thought I'd show you how cute Ginger is, right after returning from the vets for a check up. She had a little bump appear and grow on her elbow. (you can see it in this photo) Shortly after this was taken, she peed a bucket-load on the floor. She's sleeping at my feet as I type this, I can barely feel my toes, but the torture is worth it ;-) So, the bump was checked and found to have what the doctor described as Round cells. We'll watch the bump, and in about 6 weeks go back and have it checked again, hopefully the little lump will fade away. She just got off of a round of steroids and antibiotics for another issue. I had no idea how much maintenance puppies were!

Next, my super intriguing Vintage find from this week. I love hunting for Vintage items. Aside from specific type of older, colored glassware, I like to find the odd piece. This seems to fit in. I adore her. Not sure what era she is from, I'm thinking the 1950s or later? If anyone knows anything about Catholic Nun Dolls, could you please share?
Yesterday I spent a full day in my studio and yielded some fine pieces. I decided to make a Tomboy Spinner Ring for myself, and an extra for the shop inventory. Also, I had an order for a fire red copper spinner ring with a sterling silver spinner, and a chain added, I really loved making this piece (far right in photo). A wonderful customer, who is a repeat customer, from Canada order a sterling silver Golf Ball Marker, and (not shown) a little ring sizer was sent to someone in Germany. Oh, I also did a custom pendant that was ordered for a teen girl. I was a busy gal, and had so much energy.
Off to the Post Office I went, thank you sweet sweet customers!!!

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