Friday, October 19, 2012

Short Story of My Front Tooth and The Latest

If I had to describe my goings on in the last 2 months it would simply be-
A gal's tooth, interrupted...and a lot of questionable surgery smack down going on in my mouth...

Long story short
Root Canal
Apicoectomy on same tooth and its neighbor (yes 2 at once!)- [why do insurance companies not care to pay for most of these situations?]<---Rhetorical rant
Infection on neighboring tooth
Tooth cracked where the Apicoectomy was performed (neighboring tooth)
Tooth glued/cemented back in by regular dentist (I shall never stray again oh yea dentist!)
Impression made for fake tooth
Tooth pulled
Graft started
(my dentist doesn't know this part yet) Some of graft and most of stitches came out day 3, yesterday. I was txting with my friend and she said stop trying to shove it back into the socket, let the dentist do what he needs to do. fell out, it was gross and interesting at the same time.

Wearing temp tooth in a clear retainer instead of the other route because Dentist found that the bone was so non-existent due to questionable Apicoectomy that was performed on tooth (which probably had a hairline crack to begin with) we wait 6 months :-)

Really only wearing the temp when I go out in order to let inflammation of gum heal. It's healing!

Day 4, today, regular Tylenol is keeping pain at bay, but when I go to make a 7-golf ball marker order , and spinner ring order, today it will be throbbing.

I know it will be throbbing because yesterday I made 1 golf ball marker, used the hammer, file, dremel, tumbler, really did not exert myself too much and had to take a Vicoden.  The a whole Vicoden is too I only take a half.

The other part of my life that has been trying and exhausting is coming to terms with my aging father in law. He is 87. My husband and I live a couple of blocks away and due to proximity, love and a lot of patience- it has fallen on us to do most of the care taking recently.

I won't go into detail, there are some really great sites out there for dealing with the issues that arise when a loved on starts to have health issues, and is elderly.

The best thing that has come out of this is being able to observe the bond my father in law has with his son, and the bond I am developing with him as we ride around in my car. (and shop for just one banana!)

We are learning to Let go and Let God...we're learning what a true emergency is vs. a momentary freak-out.  I'm seeing how doctors care for the elderly and except for one experience I would say he's been lucky.

Thought I would share some current photos with you
Ginger enjoying some freedom in my studio yesterday
Scrappy at vets office last week, on her own terms, just shots and a check up, she'd doing great
Johnny and I at game 5 of Nationals vs. Cardinals. We lost to the Cards, I wonder about the thinking behind letting Teddy win the presidential race, again! It was a very chilly, late night, the fans were rooting the Nats on till the end! (it was so sad though)
A cousin who lives in Arizona is finding more and more amazing photos of our ancestor and his children, who were named Fraizer though his named remained Native.
I really want to make some variations of this ring again!!!
That's all I have, hopefully I will have the energy and time for some new works to show you this Fall!
Take good care...