Sunday, August 5, 2012

Two Types of Sterling Silver Stacker Rings

I decided to make 2 distinct sizes of baubles, or balls, for sterling silver stacking ring options. My others (plain stacker's) are still available as they have been for many years.

I hope you like these :-)

A wonderful part of the process in smithing these is the use of what we smither's call "scrap" metal. In this case I'm using little pieces of sterling silver from other projects for the baubles, or ball tops. I'm able to do this by heating the sterling silver to a specific melting point and individually casting each one for a ring.

Soon I'll have these listed with links to each other, and also plan to work on links within each of my Made to Order items. This will make shopping in my etsy store so much easier for you.

I plan to sell many stacker rings this coming Autumn for holiday gifts.
It's going to get pretty colorful in my shop case you don't know I sell really beautiful, rustic, petite Turquoise Stackers in my AutumnLeavesJewelry etsy shop.

In other news I'm laying low fighting an ear infection in my "good" ear. I have drops which are helping already.

I've started reading a William Styron novel (I think it's his first) called Lie Down in Darkness. Definitely not light summer reading but so beautifully written.

Despite the low energy level I'm having from my ear issue, I'm craving some home made cookies, or home made bread, will have to do something about that soon :-)

Stay well!