Friday, July 27, 2012

New Turquoise and Silver Ring for my Etsy Shop

...a freshly metal smithed ring a ding ding dinnnnnnnnga! I made this recently, will soon be listing it in my Etsy shop.

The turquoise cabochon is very pretty...this style of adding granules or silver balls along the side of the bezel can be dated back to the pre-1950s era of Native American silversmithing. I just love the look!

All parts were made by me, the back is fashioned as a cuff with a tiny opening. The metal is sanded and shine to its fullest brilliance. It will surely oxidize over time for you!

My makers mark and .925 are stamped on the back.

This ring is a size 7.25

The ring (though open in the back) is not adjustable because the shank is sterling silver (not fine silver)

There will be more of these soon!

Thanks for looking, ich liebe dich!

My muse for this ring was Nature...specifically- acrons! I enjoyed spotting them on my recent walks with my puppy, Ginger. I brought a few home and spent some mornings doing a watercolor study of them. This artisitc time really made my coffee taste Wunderbar!!! :-)

Here's a size reference of the ring with my hand as model...

It will be listed in my shop a little later today :-)

I hope everyone is well and dealing with this incredible heat!!! Hubby and I recently enjoyed a nice afternoon in D.C. watching our team, The Nationals, play. (we lost that game!) And it was a really rough day to have seats in the direct sun! It was a joy to see all the groups of little tiny kids at the stadium though. There were many teen boys there with their beloved baseball mitts hoping for a catch. We watched the "President's Race" in which poor Teddy always loses, poor Teddy!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Turquoise Necklace and Ginger Update

First, here is our Ginger Girl...she's about 10 months old now...

 She's a joy, she's a full teen in just about every sense, she's eaten parts of my flip flops, her bed, power cord parts. She loves day camp with the other pups but her tummy can't handle ice cream doggie treats. She helps mommy stay in shape and because of all of our (mostly) joyful walks, mommy has lost 15 lbs. I highly recommend adopting a puppy!!!

Here's my latest necklace I'll soon be listing it. I was able to finish soldering parts today as we have enjoyed a a break in the miserable heat.

This necklace is 16 inches from chain to top of pendant. All parts were made by me. The bezel holds a really pretty oval turquoise cabochon. The sides are adorned with little silver balls.

Side note...This design of the balls on each side date back to the 1950s, and probably can be found further back...I found this of great interest as many current etsy artists are sporting this look, including me!

In fact, it might pique your curiosity to discover many designs that have been revived from a very early period of last century. All of which (one would hope) are made using our own artistic interpretations.

The gorgeous sterling silver leaf hangs along the back side of the clasp. One the inside is stamped
and my Makers Mark along with .925, see next photo.

I am in love with this piece, she's a beauty.

I hope you like it too, it's nice to be back in the studio. (I did enjoy making some stacking rings for a customer, and setting a pretty stone recently as well...)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Petite Spinner Ring etsy Order

Made this today in my studio, mailing it in morning :-)

Ginger got into Grandpa Bert's toothpaste, she only punctured the thing, caught her in time...Bert is staying with us until his power and elevators at Lake Anne Fellowship House are fully restored...
it's been a trying time for so many without power in this awful heat.

Thank you U.S. Military people for keeping the U.S. safe, thank you for your sacrifices (they seem endless)...and happy Fourth of July!