Wednesday, June 27, 2012

About to Bloom

from outside my front garden...

a new bloom for my silversmith studio...

I continue to contemplate change in my studio

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recharging My Soul

Wanted to share this with you ...I found this on sale for 3$'s for Ginger, hubby will hate it. Oops, can't load photo from iPad, must have something to do with how it's saved. Will try to load from laptop.

I have procured some very old (new) books on 'American Indian' silversmiths. Oh boy I'm very inspired!

I've been thinking a lot about what would fulfill me as an artist vs. what is currently popular. When I was a girl jewelry had a very immediate and slow motion impact on my psyche. The jewelry I came to know, love and connect a sense of Home with was nearby. It's what I saw my grandparents and their friends wearing. This artist dives in, or toes in, to an area of interest and continues to build from it.

When creativity hits I try to change my priorities in order to access all the energy and time I can. Right now it's hot and humid out, the energy has been building within my imagination. Though I don't dare open a window today.

The word Unfurl comes to mind...again.

Inside me where bouts of fear and depression live, there are sleepy sparks awaiting their charge. You know that juxtaposition? My soul is starting to stretch out.

Recent things that have helped me with my anxiety issues are:
  • Learning to speak German (some of what I learned from my preteen years is coming back)
  • Reading Books
  • Walking Ginger
  • Baking for friends
  • Movies
  • Scrabble

The other day Ginger and I were skirting the edge of nearby woods and we spotted a deer. It was relaxing in the sun, near a downed tree. I only saw one, the only movement it showed was a flick of its big pink-looking sun splashed ears. It stayed this way looking over at us from about 15 yards away. The world around me melted. Splendid relief filed me, relaxing my usual tense muscles because I knew the deer was calm. Of course I have no idea of what goes on in the daily life of a suburban deer and what I witnessed seemed peaceful.

  Soon I'll be busy putting together batches of lasagna for a neighbor friend who has a new baby, and our own little family. There are also chocolate chip Heath Bar cookies in our near future. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This is me and my pa when he still lived in DC...can't wait to see him in a few months :-)

Happy Father's Day to all those Dad's out there! :-)

Yesterday we helped celebrate our niece's graduation from high school. She graduated with honors and is leaving for college this fall. I have such fond memories of when she was born...she has developed into an amazing young woman and will go far in this life :-)

Will be visiting our daughter in Florida in a couple of months and introducing her to Ginger. Life is very full of lovely things to be grateful for.

I promised I would put some older items on sale in my etsy shop so I'm off to do that now...will add some links here as I go along.

25% Discount on this ring, use code Ring at check out :-)

Another ring to use code Rings for... :-)

Another sale Ring :-)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Final Day For Golf Ball Marker Sale

There have been a few orders this year for golf ball markers, I've enjoyed each one! I've got one to make and send today.

Father's Day is June 17th so I will be running my 20% discount sale until the end of today, and then all will be back to normal.

Later today I will also be placing several items in my sale section, these items have been in my shop for a while and really need to find homes :-)

thought this sort of made a statement about where Ginger feels she stands in our house...I shot this right after I vacuumed yesterday...and before I dusted, pardon my dust ;-)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Druzy Earrings

I'm druzy dazed...and through my fog came this pair of shiny, funky, long, blingy pair of white druzy and sterling silver earrings. All hand metal smithed by me.  This pair is too pretty to pass up! If I were looking for a pair of drusy earrings, I'd buy these because who knows when Carolyn will be smithing another pair? Anyway, these really are sweet. The ear wires are completely metal smithed by me, I've sand blasted the drop circles to complement the dreamy druzy tops. They hang 2 3/4" from top of ear wire to bottom of earring. (boy do they swing) :-)

Meanwhile Ginger continues to be her adorable, lovable self.

I recently finished reading Joan Didian's memoir Blue Nights. At some point I'll re-read The Year Of Magical Thinking followed by Blue Nights again. She captures those seemingly indescribable feelings about self and death of a loved one like no other.

I have just loaded The Known World onto my iPad. Not completely sold on e-books,so far it's going fine.

This is me from a few minutes ago, looking at my healing bruise. The bruise is a result from major kick with the first shotgun I learned to use. (I really prefer hand guns)

I'll be listing the earrings shortly.

Stay hydrated out there! : )

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fathers Day Items & Sale

Hello.  Father's Day is around the corner and my instant heirloom Sterling Silver Golf Ball Markers are on sale. (so are all of my items) The discount code is LoveMyDaddy, use this during the check out process in my AutumnLeavesJewelry etsy shop to receive 20% off of your order. (this does not include shipping)

It's a wonderful time of year and I enjoy making these markers for you. I've got several orders that will be going out early this week. (thank you you-know-who for the multi earring order!)

I tend to post on facebook more than this blog, I'm trying to curb the habit back here. I enjoy both formats and especially the blog as it allows me to feel more connected to artisan friends and customers.

In other news my puppy Ginger has turned 9 months and is such a joy. Her latest trick remains the most frustrating for us- her ability to exit a locked crate. We currently crate her near us at night (much for her and our cats safety - until she's older) and if out of the house during the day she's crated downstairs. A padlock over the regular latch (knock on wood) has proven Ginger-proof. However her crate downstairs has 2 locks. We have one padlock. This will not do. One of the two crate locks in her downstairs digs has a second lock, she just learned to open this door today. We were gone for about 6 hours and came home to a very happy puppy, tail wagging, looking up from inside the kitchen beyond the baby gate.
Solution: Use 2 padlocks

Earlier today I learned to shoot a shotgun. We went Skeet shooting. Our dear buddy Marty has been so awesome in his instructions with safety, the 4 rules, and the fun shooting outings. I will say my preferred gun so far is a revolver. It's hard to recall the names of what I've shot so far. Today, my arms received a work out from holding each (of 3) shotguns up, yelling "Pull!" and trying my best to aim and hit the clay disk. My aim was not true but I did learn some valuable tips. Most valuable from Marty is to raise the shotgun right before I'm ready to yell the command for the clay disc to be tossed. Otherwise, my left arm gets overtaxed with weight during my wait to decide when to give said command.

This entry has started to feel longer than I had intended. I'll add a vid of me shooting today...
It's short and to the point:

Carolyn shoots 
Video of me shooting -very short vid

I have a new and wonderful source for stones (as in Cabochons) from Dana Evans. Dana practically runs the group The Ladysmiths in which I'm a member. I love her stones. She has a gift for getting wonderful shapes, color quality, and most of all a flat bottom on her cabs! I've got some earrings and rings to make soon.

There are now 2 version of my Illegitimi non Carborundum rings. I would say the plain band edge is more of a masculine/unisex version.
Illegitimi non Carborundum Ring

Please note: in the pic below this one both versions of the ring are shown, both NOW come with a complimentary stacker ring in the same size.

 The curvy edged is definitely more for the women.
Stacker Illegitimi non Carborundum

(this photo shows both versions of the ring, each will arrive in a gift box with tissue and bow, and each NOW is paired with a stacker ring) :-)

Hubby and Ginger have just returned from the dog park. Ginger is wiped out and quite smelly, she is hunkering down for an early night time, but momma is about to scoop her up and give her a warm bath.

I hope everyone is doing great.