Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Jewelry Pieces

Hello Dear Friends,

I've been a busy metal smith today.

This first Lovely is a variation on my Unquiet Ring (some of you are familiar with). This makes noise too! Inside are 2 sterling silver beads. As I always say, You cannot be Ninja wearing this ring!

All parts were made by me. The ring is about an inch wide in diameter. It domes up just under half an inch at the very highest point. Its nicely stamped with a Native feel to it. The ring shank is semi-wide and plain.

This is definitely a unisex ring. My makers mark and .925 are stamped. It is a size 9.
I hope you love it as much as I do :-)

I will be listing this in my Etsy shop, AutumnLeavesJewelry soon...

Another ring fresh from my stone garden:

Gorgeous green turquoise and sterling silver ring. This is a size 8 1/2. The turquoise is a gorgeous oval and sits inside a lovely bezel. I've added some pretty silver round balls to the side. The ring shank is almost a floral pattern and I have oxidized the silver portions to help bring out all these rich textures for you.

My makers mark and .925 are included on this ring.

A staple in my shop, Tomboy Spinner Ring:

This is freshly made and ready to ship! It's a size 6. (she spins, oh does she spin!!!)

Last, but not least are these round, pretty, stamped and domed and textured sterling silver earrings!

They are an inch and a quarter from top of earwire to bottom. All parts made by me. My makers mark and .925 are stamped on the inside. These are a tad over a half an inch wide in diameter.

They remind me of buttons. They're light weight and are definitely an Everyday pair of earrings!

Going to grab some lunch and list these 4 items. I hope everyone is doing well :-)

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