Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Friday, New Spinner Necklaces

Hello Friends

It's been a busy time in our little part of the world. My father in law has settled into his new place and is doing great. Our daughter is working full time in Florida and we feel so very blessed :-)

Ginger is still Ginger. The cats are still hesitant about her. They tease her, when she's in her crate they lallygag nearby. When she's in the kitchen with the baby gate up, they'll stretch out on the foyer rug and preen. It's sort of comical. They do have their routines with each other.

I currently have some lovely stacking rings Ready to Ship in my Etsy shop. 

This week my shop enjoyed a flurry of business for which I am so grateful for.

Back to Spinners and Kinetic pieces - I seem to do pretty well selling Men's items, or Unisex pieces.

That said...I'd like to start offering these as a Made To Order listing...(I've sold them in the past, and they are a joy to make, because they spin!)

Both Listings will be available in my shop, AutumnLeavesJewelry later today. (I believe the spinner on the right, the copper fired red one is already listed) The variations seem limitless. The spinner on the left is brass with a sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver spinner ring. The copper on the right has been torch fired to a nice red, with a beautiful hand forged sterling silver ring, left unoxidized).

I hope everyone is well and staying warm.

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Maryann said...

Those spinner necklaces are gorgeous Care! I especially love the copper one. xx