Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Earrings - November Bones

It's November. The rains have come and gone. The ground is covered in leaves, quickly dried by the wind and sun. When the wind picks up I imagine a huge invisible broom whooshing the noisy leaves down our black paved parking lot. Their colors, once brilliant are turning a muted version of what they were. Winter is lurking and my bones are feeling their heft. The chill outside has me thinking in black and white, and in shades of gray. When I was a little girl living in Europe we took a day trip from our Army Base near Kaiserslautern to France. We visited a World War I site in Verdun. It was such a cold day. The photographs I keep with me remind me of the winds, the muted colors and all the black and white. Mostly I recall the bones. The bones of war, the bones of sacrifice, the bones of life. The bones from the battle of Verdun were placed into these rooms for a specific reason. As a girl I dismissed the given reason. Instead, I could not help but relate to the complete disconnect of the bones to the people that were. Somewhere in this disconnect I found a quiet beauty. 

Black and white, bones and quiet - and the little village in France full of soldiers' bones from so long ago - inspired me to create these earrings. When I look at them I see the dry leaves, slender spines with bones and finally,  the movement of life.

These earrings -I call November Bones- hang 3" from top of ear wire to bottom of leaves. All parts were created by me. .925 is stamped in two places on each earring. The earwires are also made by me, they curve just long enough to balance the lengtb of the earrings. Magnificent freshwater pears of 3 shades are attached to the chains. The leaves at the bottom of the earrings are sawed and forged by me.

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