Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sale Still Going, Workin On Chain

just a reminder that my 25% sale is still going, kindly use the code YaySale at check-out and receive your nice discount :-)

Here are just a few of the items that are listed in my shop in my inventory Ready to Ship
this stack of sterling silver rings are made in a pretty timely manner...

The chain I'm currently working on is all hand formed, sawed, forged and soldered by me. It has sterling silver and 14k yellow gold components...looking forward to showing you the finished piece :-)

The men are still working away in our master bathroom, it has been "out of service for a couple of years" I guess we procrastinated a while. Before we could tackle the bathroom we had to get the roof completely redone. Some of you might know we have a flat roof...I love the houses in this neighborhood, but dislike the upkeep of the flat roof. It's costly and scary when we get a heavy snow.  Probably not the best feature of the home ;-)

Ginger will be turning 1 very soon...she has brought an abundant amount of joy to our lives, what a girl that dog is!!!

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