Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sale Continues for a Couple More Hours

A big huge thank you to those who have taken advantage of my 25% discount sale, by using the code YaySale at check out. Just a reminder, I offer direct payment now as well...this means you can pay with your credit card...or you can still use paypal! :-)

I was surprised this lovely didn't get snatched up, it really needs a home! (so do my other stone set, ready to ship, rings!)
Druzy Ring

In other news Ginger has turned 1 year old! She is such a huge part of our family I don't understand why it took so long to adopt a pup. Maybe she was meant for us which means we needed to wait. Aside from teen moments where I do bed checks and find contraband like pens, and other parts of things, she can behave pretty well. Other times it feels like we have a really wild teenager. Turing my back for 5 minutes could prove a destruction of half a box of Kleenex, you get the picture. She's a real sweetheart. :-)

here she is from last week

Hubby and I attended a really lovely wedding last weekend, here's my latest pixie cut (Reminds me of my first one I got when I was 9 years old!)
(my dress was floor length which I've never worn, I loved it) It was an Evan-Picone thrift store find for 8$, I love that it was a perfect fit :-) I had a newer dress picked out but wanted to get my vintage on.

Root canal saga on front tooth...had root canal, yada yada, pain persisted, turned out I had infections in 2 front teeth that needed immediate oral surgery. During the 2 hour procedure the only pain I experienced were the shots- lots of local shots before drilling into the bones. It was surreal watching the doc meticulously suture my gum back up afterwards and not feel a thing. It wasn't until a couple hours later (post surgery) that the pain kicked in and it felt as if someone had clobbered my mouth with a hammer, over and over. It's been 3 days and my right side of my face is quite puffy...I'm staying on top of the pain, taking antibiotics, rinsing with special stuff and eating soft foods. Oh, and rinsing with good old warm salt water too. I may do  blog post on the before and after, along with during in case anyone has to have this done...the balloony face is the most icky part right now, and the pain... if I don't get it on time. I really like my doc and his assistant and would trust him with my tooth issues in the future (I have been blessed with icky teeth)...rah rah genetics!

Oh, and our bathroom is finished! Our 1966 (quite moldy and falling apart) bathroom now looks like was about a 2 week process...
I would also recommend these guys for any bathroom remodels! They were great!

Currently working on getting these made for a customer who took advantage of my sale- I'm so grateful!!! :)

...and have dug back into my knitting...

I hope you are all well and having a grand weekend :-)

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