Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recharging My Soul

Wanted to share this with you ...I found this on sale for 3$'s for Ginger, hubby will hate it. Oops, can't load photo from iPad, must have something to do with how it's saved. Will try to load from laptop.

I have procured some very old (new) books on 'American Indian' silversmiths. Oh boy I'm very inspired!

I've been thinking a lot about what would fulfill me as an artist vs. what is currently popular. When I was a girl jewelry had a very immediate and slow motion impact on my psyche. The jewelry I came to know, love and connect a sense of Home with was nearby. It's what I saw my grandparents and their friends wearing. This artist dives in, or toes in, to an area of interest and continues to build from it.

When creativity hits I try to change my priorities in order to access all the energy and time I can. Right now it's hot and humid out, the energy has been building within my imagination. Though I don't dare open a window today.

The word Unfurl comes to mind...again.

Inside me where bouts of fear and depression live, there are sleepy sparks awaiting their charge. You know that juxtaposition? My soul is starting to stretch out.

Recent things that have helped me with my anxiety issues are:
  • Learning to speak German (some of what I learned from my preteen years is coming back)
  • Reading Books
  • Walking Ginger
  • Baking for friends
  • Movies
  • Scrabble

The other day Ginger and I were skirting the edge of nearby woods and we spotted a deer. It was relaxing in the sun, near a downed tree. I only saw one, the only movement it showed was a flick of its big pink-looking sun splashed ears. It stayed this way looking over at us from about 15 yards away. The world around me melted. Splendid relief filed me, relaxing my usual tense muscles because I knew the deer was calm. Of course I have no idea of what goes on in the daily life of a suburban deer and what I witnessed seemed peaceful.

  Soon I'll be busy putting together batches of lasagna for a neighbor friend who has a new baby, and our own little family. There are also chocolate chip Heath Bar cookies in our near future. :)

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