Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Man Pendant

Reminder about my Man Pendant

This can be stamped on both sides, the front has a simple pattern encasing your chosen expression. The back is kept pretty plain.

The difference between this and many "stamped" pieces of jewelry that you will find on etsy is the attention to much detail:

The bale opening is hand riveted, by myself, with a gorgeous sterling silver two sided rivet. Each piece is oxidized to give it a more masculine look and feel. The sterling silver chain is also darkended, along with the sterling silver lobster clasp.

The metal is thick and can handle both sides. Usually the front side has the stamped edging, though it can be worn on either side.

I hand stamp each side, and don't use a machine or laser.

This is a custom piece that was sent out last Monday



Also, these 3 stone-set rings were listed this past week :-)

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Willow Branch said...

Great pendant. It can be so hard to make a more masculine pendant, but you have it nailed. It's those little details (like the rivet) that set your work apart from others.