Friday, March 23, 2012

Reminder of SpringForward Sale

Hello, greetings from me and Ginger as we sit in our house which is currently receiving a full, new roof. Ginger's not loving the process but slowly dealing with the noises. More hammering sounds than I ever make...and weird squeaky wheel sounds to deal with. (I told her sometimes she makes the same squeaky wheel sound and it's just as annoying) She didn't buy it.

Anyway, March sales have been better than last year and I'm so grateful. Hoping to get back to the level of my first 2 years on Etsy :-)

So I'm reminding you that if you use the code SpringForward during the check out process in my shop, AutumnLeavesJewelry, you will receive an automatic 20% discount. I'll be running this till just the end of March.

I've added 3 Tomboy Spinners with links below. They are ready to ship, so pretty, and with the code SpringForward they are less than the listed price! :-)

Tomboy Spinner, ready to ship
Tomboy Spinner, ready to ship
Tomboy Spinner, ready to ship and these are on sale with sale code! :-)

Here's a photo of the crane that delivered materials to my roof yesterday...I'm so grateful we can have our roof re-done, will be relived when the noise calms.

never buy a house with a flat roof...

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