Friday, March 2, 2012

New Ring, Earrings, & Dealing With Ménière's

Hello Friends,

Here are photos of 2 of my latest pieces. They will be listed in my shop later today with a full description of each. Both are Ready to Ship, and both will also be Made to Order for further sales. I'm trying to get as many lovely items ready for the Ratner Museum show as possible. (I've got more in the works, ready to finish)
Yesterday I started and finished this ring...I love it, it's so me...I promise the size and full description with listing later today...

Here are more every-day earrings ala Carolyn,
These are also Ready to Ship and will be listed as Made to Order...

Yesterday Ginger had her first time at an open, off leash, dog park. There are 2 sections, one for large dogs and the other for smaller. She sniffed the area out for a while, there were no other dogs in her area, so I dribbled the ball with her (via my old soccer playing days from when I was 8 and playing on a Reston team). Before long, another dog came along and relieved me of my pack leader duties and boy did Ginger and the other pup have a blast running around together. On the ride home, Ginger passed out with her head in the drink holder. (had a good belly laugh over that site)

My Ménière'shas flared up. I'm getting through okay. There are so many things that could have set it off ... I'm not giong to dwell over which one triggered the beast. This time, the dizziness is only from laying down and rising. The worst part of this one is a strange interpretation I am hearing from my own voice, other people talking, and from the tv. It sounds like I am speaking through a fan (did you ever do that as a kid? Talk into a full speed fan?) That's the best way to describe this uncomfortable sound sensation. Last night I turned the sound down very low on the tele and went to bed early. Sounds were just so uncomfortable. The nausea isn't as bad today, tinnitus is much higher...I'm grateful to have spent quality time with Ginger at the dog park, and get these items made in the studio before this hit.

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