Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smithing With Friends

Yesterday was a blast. (Let's just say it's been a long winter though we've had our fine share of sunny, warm days here near DC) It's been a while since I've had a smithing date with fellow artisans. Yesterday we did just that.  My friend Sandra has a wonderful studio. (In fact she teaches classes there, if you want information please let me know or see her blog for contact information) She graduated from F.I.T (the same college my daughter attended) and all this aside, she's a very talented smither/jeweler.
She offered a "smith" date and I gladly took her up on it. This isn't the first date we've had over the years but like I said, it feels like it's been a long winter.
Our friend Caroline was there as well. I also met her years ago at The Art League and immediately knew she was a kindred spirit. Her work is so beautiful. She forges out lovely clean lines in metal and the results are stunning. One can pick out a piece of her work among others and know instantly that Caroline created it.
I wish I'd snapped a shot of the 3 of us, the one I took of Caroline and Sandra is a wee blurry.

For this session I had a decent sheet of 12 gauge sterling silver that needed to be annealed (over and over) and rolled out (over and over) for a bit of a smaller gauge to work with in my studio.
Caroline had several gorgeous rolled out sheets of metal she's been working with. She was forging a ring as well.

We sat around drinking coffee and eating choccy chip cookies (thanks to Sandra's sweet hubby) and discussed what we've been yearning to make, what we love to make, things we make repeatedly and the way to balance all these artistic endeavors out.  It felt like a much needed art-therapy session with friends (if that makes sense.) 

The week before the group The Ladysmiths held a meeting hosted by Sandra where she gave a talk and demonstration on fold forming in metal. This was another huge relief, a sort of coming out of the long dark winter day and holding our faces to the light. Having a show and tell section of the meeting where we chat about our latest
 projects and inspirations.

Both sessions reminded me of taking a walk and noticing pods about to bloom, green plants in the state of unfurling from the soil of winter.

Back to yesterday...Sandra was eyeing my chunky sheet of silver and I was in love with one of her recently formed metal pieces...(those of you who fold form know how tedious this technique can get).  A light bulb went off and we instantly knew a "trade" was in order. The negotiations began and we both felt happy about the results. Here's a photo of the work Sandra has done...I cannot wait to open this baby up and bring it to life for you in forms of some sweet pieces!

Here are some formed pieces by Sandra in various stages
(see the juicy 12 gauge sheet under them?)

Sleep has been evading I'm taking advantage of this time to get things done.

My Etsy shop has been unusually I'm working on kicking things up a few notches. I do like to stay busy with work.  Just a reminder that I do have a sale going on, if you use the code
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