Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty, New, Shiny Disc Earrings

are finally here, look for more soon...

(though you will love these I think)

Shiny warm copper, each disc cut and forged by my hands, sanded to smooth shine light as feathers. Great for everyday wear....they have sterling silver ear wires made by me as well.
These lovelies dangle to 1 3/4 inch from top of earwire to bottom of disc. Each disc is approximately 3/4" wide (they are domed as well)

Ginger will be 5 months old this week! She's just a little over 11 lbs. The weather was so warm today she had 2 long walks. She's become a sweet member of our family. Scrappy wants nothing to do with her and Diamond holds her ground. I'm hoping in time they can all coexist in our home. :-)

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Stacie Florer said...

I've taken to walking my dog twice daily with all of this wonderful warmer weather...She's a cutie!!