Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last Chance Sale Items

Sweet Customers
After tomorrow (Sunday) I will be moving several (not all) of my items I've had on sale for you, back into their regular categories at their regular price. I've enjoyed some really nice sales in this section, thank you :-)

Yesterday I spent several hours with a local group I belong to called The Ladysmiths. This month we met at my friend (and smithing extraordinaire) Sandra Z.'s studio. She introduced us to fold forming, a really tedious technique that proves beautiful outcomes! There is a link to the Ladysmiths blog along my right column.

Today Ginger graduates from puppy class (knock on wood) and we hope to move her to the next level. She's becoming a barker. I'm not sure what to to about this, I'll ask the trainer. If you have suggestions please feel free to leave them.

Hoping to add a new design to my shop soon. A simple walk with Ginger, looking at the dry winter foliage has inspired something inside of me. (good times)

I miss the warm sunny Florida skies. Coping with staying busy and enjoying morning coffee :-)

I hope to have a give-away in the near future...please stay tuned!

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