Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ginger Update

Hubby and I started puppy training classes for Ginger. Turns out we are the ones being trained. (we figured this would be the case!)

Her Jack Russell Terrier traits are showing and she's such a joy to have in our family. 

I also want to extend a sincere thank you to my sweet customers who have ordered jewelry using my free shipping offer :-) (some of you forgot to use the worries...each of you were reimbursed please check your ppal accts)

I have some new colors to introduce into my shop for the new year. Now that I can schedule time for Ginger to be crated while I work (until her puppy days are over) there will soon be splashes of new hues in my etsy shop, AutumnLeavesJewelry.

After discovering Terry's shop on Etsy, LostSierra, I've fallen in love with setting stones again. If you get a chance check out his shop, but hurry, his stones go fast. He can be found on flickr too under LostSierra. There might be another person who uses his name in her tags for her jewelry, but Terry's shop is strictly cabochons...just a heads up :-)

Been baking a lot of banana bread for a colleague of J's, and pumkin bread for home.

Each Sunday J's dad comes over for the game and then more games (on tv). It's a sweet day, we have a home cooked meal and naps, lol. It does make me miss my father who has relocated to San Diego. 

This is how I felt after our first puppy training class yesterday...

This is Ginger of recent days...

It's time to take my Ginger for another morning stroll outside, it's starting to feel cold here, how about where you are?  Happy Holidays :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Turquoise Silver smithed piece just listed

This is a magnificent piece. The stone is a Nevada mined piece, so gorgeous you'll want to touch it as you wear it.

The bezel I created has details that continue up the circular chain. The chain is made from 13 gauge sterling silver. (This is super thick silver) I felt this stone deserved nothing but dazzling sterling metal around it. The links were given a texture. (Each link and all parts were handmade by me, all parts have been soldered)

She is 20" in length from chain to chain. Even the bale is made by these hands.

My makers mark is on the back, along with the decade, and a USA and .925 stamp.

This is an instant heirloom worthy of that beautiful gift meant to last and to be passed down through time.

It can be worn as a choker with several “hoops" hanging down into the pendant. It's quite a versatile piece.

A bit about this stone:

Heirloom Nevada Candelaria Turquoise Designer Cabochon 22mmX33mmX11mm *Investment Heirloom Stone!!!! Absolutely one of the finest of all turquoises ever having been mined. From the Candelaria Mining District. Cut from a one of a kind nugget of Old Stock Turquoise having been mined decades ago. Beautiful Polish. Spectacular colors and web matrix. Does not get better than this. Natural Non Stabilized Non Backed.100% Guarantee.