Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn Blooms Silver Jewelry

This metal artist spent the day

In keeping with a kinetic theme in my shop, this bracelet moves, it shines with depth.(it is so me) This rustic dsic bracelet is an instant heirloom you will be proud to wear and pass down to other lovely generations. It is made of sterling silver, and all fabricated by my hands. My makers mark and .925 are stamped along the back.

and these...

These sterling silver disc earrings shine with depth and are light as feathers. They are slightly domed and every aspect is hand smithed by me. The earwires are unique, I kept them long to balance sweetly with the round discs.

Toward the end of my work day in the studio Johnny arrived to attach my new revolving vise. My stepped bracelet mandrel fits in so well, I love it. And I love this man...even if he loves chasing a little white golf ball around a big green grassy area more than attaching a vise for me :-)

I was in a creative timeless zone earlier and my thoughts were racing ahead with new pieces to start.
That's a priceless feeling.

Just about finished reading

The Appointment
about to start

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

One Day At A Time

Is feeling more like one hour at a time, one breath at a time. Today will be long, and sometimes feel fast. Some big changes are occurring here and I'm rolling with the punches. Sometimes a punch can feel just like a big ocean wave you know the ones you love to ride or try to stand through as they pass near the shoreline?

Speaking of punches, I did just an hour ago receive my own Swanstrom circle punch set, I'm so excited. I have been borrowing my friend Jodi's, she has a Pepe, (I still love you Pepe).

New Service from AutumLeavesJewelry
Soon another- bigger item will arrive. It will allow me to offer services in the form of inscriptions inside your ring, your existing ring or rings from my shop. Stone set rings, all kinds of rings.
I'm over the moon that I finally ordered this tool?(machine) My love of rings extends back to when I was 8 years old when something so significant happened.

I've been stocking up my AutumnLeavesJewelry shop lately, making multiples at a time so you may see them listed. I want most of my items to be available for fast shipping when ordered for this holiday season :-)

Hubby's home today helping take care of some of these big changes I mentioned earlier in this post. I love this family, love this life and pray everyone has a fantastic day.

I would love for this pendant to's just so pretty :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Open Letter to Etsy

Dear Etsy,
Thank you!
I was delighted, surprised, inspired and it has repeated itself.

(let me explain, yesterday in the midst of our never-ending rains I received this in the mail...)

It's so pretty and printed on thick pressed paper (thank you Frank for printing and packing it for me...)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Final day of sale

It's been a fun, long weekend. I've enjoyed some nice sales, and am grateful for that. Each time I send out a piece of my smithed work I feel giddy knowing its going to a new home, and love reading the feedback on each item

Thank you...sweet customers~!

Here's some updated photos of some pieces currently in my shop
(As I've mentioned a few times before, Becky my sis-in-law has  gorgeous hands...)


I LOVE this ring too....

I have more, but wanted to share theses with you here in my blog...hope you like :-)
(Jessie if you see this I miss you SO much!)

There must be a golf game on because Grandpa Bert and hubby are downstairs and every now and then I hear commentary followed by some yelling. This morning Johnny played golf with a neighbor. He managed to get two 9-hole rounds in this holiday weekend, despite the rain, or threat of.

My knees have taken their toll. I'm on semi-bed rest today, but you can't keep me down long. My left knee is experiencing numbness and tingling, it's the knee which I've had surgery on. My right knee is another story. It's giving me a lot of pain. It doesn't like stairs, walking, bending, generally moving about causes it pain. I've done some Googling, and just said "eh" because I feel I know the drill with the whole knee thing (get it? Drill?) Rest, Ice, Elevation...hopefully tomorrow I'll be up and about. All of this because I believe I sat in an awkward position for too long, and I also trod across part of a wood floor in my jeans, on my knees, who knew?!

I'm counting the days till the new Haruki Murakami book comes out...until then I'm looking for a new read...any suggestions???

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Family Day

We enjoyed a lovely day with family. Had a BBQ. Lots of belly laughs too.
Thought I'd share some non-business with you :-)

Tee hee, I love our little Mini Cooper toothpick holder, I found it in a little shop at Reston Town Center, and yes, it's made by an artist, not mass produced made to look hand-made...which is where I try to make my purchases when it comes to art objects.
Snacks before the bbq...

Sister and Brother
Beck and Johnny
(Beck is my hand model, you should see her hands! Actually her hands have helped me sell many Chunky and Thinny Stacking Rings)

Rob and Beck
(I just found out he's half Italian, no wonder he's so handsome)

Cady and Gray
(amazing to even get a shot of Gray, he's so sweet)

Grandpa Bert
(with dictionary, he's old school) 

Johnny and Care (me)

Cady on O'Mama's old chair

Cady and Care

Wish I had  set up the tripod for a group shot...Becky did pose her gorgeous hands for me for several of my rings which really needed to be shown worn. I'll leave those for tomorrow...right now I'll just enjoy the quiet of the house now that everyone has gone onto the rest of their evenings.

Last night we enjoyed dinner at our friends new home. Dinner was fantastic, the company was better, and they moved a nice distance so we can easily walk to each others homes. :-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sale, Happy Labor Day long weekend Sale :-)

Use the code Beautiful and receive 33% discount at checkout at my AutumnLeavesJewelry Etsy shop.

The long last weekend is here marking when we change over to...what?'s still hot here...Kiddies go back to school, oh, to be in traffic behind all those yellow bus stops, lol! (good luck Mom's and kids!!!) :-)

I've got another long work table planned for hubby to construct (he is such a sweetheart!)As long as he can fit his weekend round of golf in, we're set.
We'll be hosting a family bbq on Sunday, hope the weather behaves. 

Yesterday I was SO excited to receive an order of tools and things, alas, my stepped bracelet mandrel was seems something was lost in translation during my order process. I do own a very cool - new - rotating mandrel vise though, can't wait to attach it to the long table hubby will construct. I admit I was bummed the mandrel was missing, but the place I ordered it from offered to send it sans shipping cost.

Metalheads, I sent in about 4 years worth of silver scrap...I was really holding on...can you imagine? I did manage to get the Troy weight and finally realize it was best to let it go...I plan to do this a couple times a year. Collecting everything was laborious and I'd like to be more organized after I finish a project.

Here's a pic from earlier, I decided to rock  my Orakpo jersey, Redskins represent!!!

That's all I got, just the sale announcement and words, no pictures, no artsy landscape shots with me strolling along the grass in my Sunday's Best. No close ups with me in rollers, or make-up with my latest earrings. I'd  like to make time for that, earrings shots. (not artsy ones  with me strolling along the grass set in vintage hue- trust me, it would look silly coming from me.)

Anywho...Hope you can find something cool for Fall, or for a gift for a friend, loved one, or for you! :-)