Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Giving it a try, let me know if you'd like to be invited to Google+ friends. (thanks cuz Jeff)

I'll be running a sale for the long holiday weekend...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Good Golly These Earrings are So Pretty

They are my favorite pair I've made...so far...I only have one, I wanted to get them finished, photographed, and listed in my shop before the rains come. I plan to make more of these. (they can be made to order like many of my shop listings as well)

I had to create these, if you felt the 5.8 East Coast (Mineral, VA) earthquake as I did, you'll know why I needed to make these.
Remember when the earth moved? It was Tuesday afternoon, and I felt it. I live in Northern, VA, near D.C. I was in my home metalsmith studio looking for a book when it hit. This girl has never felt such a thing. I didn't know it was an earthquake until the stairwell banister started shaking as if a herd of 14 year olds were grabbing it and tumbling down the stairs. (my cat flew by faster than I've ever seen her move- another good indicator)

I've been thinking about how the big plates are connected.

How our spines have amazing cushion so we can bend and move and jump without crumbling like a house.
How a house made of solid brick (like mine) can seem so solid, yet when its foundation starts to shake from the ground up, its connections are tested.
I love making jewelry with movement. These earrings look as if they are half pods held together in a rigid sort of way. They are in fact not rigid, and move with your head, and are connected with no solder. They do make a gentle noise when you shake your head (yeah, shake it!) remind us of how solid we are as a whole. Each pair varies very slightly.
100% Sterling Silver.
These are 1 3/4" from top to bottom of ear wire.
The earwires are long and compliment the curves of the half domes.
All parts were cut, forged and made by me.

(...again, not for Ninjas)

So  many chores to get done today...off I go...thanks for looking :-)

Final Day of Sale at AutumnLeavesJewelry etsy shop

Thank you for the sweet sales you sweet ladies! I appreciate you and your feedback more than you will every know :-)

Let's hope Irene moves out to sea!
In preparation for Irene,  yesterday I had a guy go up on our flat townhome roof and clear the gutters, turns out we have roots growing in a lower spout we share with a neighbor...we're getting stocked up for the big winds and rain. Water, batteries for flashlights, candles, yada yada, chocolate...must get next book to read, cannot imagine power out without a book.

Saying prayer for everyone in Irene's path. I fear for our beloved OBX, NC. I hope everyone stays safe and does the right thing...move inland and up high.

More insomnia since our freaky earthquake, woke at 2:30 and  have been up and down since...it was good to hear hubby snore, at least one of us is working with full brain power today :)

Was hoping to get another type of new earring listing listed before my sale ends, we'll see what I end up doing today. Hoping for some soldering action.

What are you up to?

This is kind of how I feel this morning
...thinking of updatinig this photo since my hair is longer, which means more curlers, and different jewelry since my bracelet I'm wearing sold.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Earrings...Elements...Petite Rain

It's been a long busy morning. I woke at 3am, and have been awake since. I'm so excited to get more of my new earrings finished, photographed and listed. There will be another updated batch either tomorrow or Friday.

(was hoping to have these up yesterday...)

as always, please take a close look by clicking on photo, or link above to actual AutumnLeavesJewelry Etsy shop listing
I have 3 pair available...

size reference from my other Elements - Rain earrings, quite a difference...

I think this photo captures my fatigue from  lack of sleep...
I can't wait to dig my hands into my sterling silver and create what I've designed for you in the days to come. :-)

Meanwhile we plan to stock up on water, candles, flashlights, batteries, chocolate, yada in case Hurricane Irene decides to come up the Chesapeake. Either way, we are due for a lot of rain...
A friend who JUST got settled in OBX on vacation was evacuated.
Stay safe all you East Coast people!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in Virginia

That was not fun, okay maybe for a nano-second when I realized it was an actual earthquake, HERE just outside of DC in Northern, VA, I got happy...then totally freaked.

Neighbors were outside and I called a geologist friend. (she  thought it was fun)

Sleeping downstairs tonight.

Hope everyone is safe. Spoke with daughter who is working in Georgetown, DC, she felt it, spoke with hubby who works in DC, his bldg was evacuated, he's back in.

Some pictures on walls moved, hubby's clubs are falling out his golf closet (blessing in disguise?) Kitty's are both so scared. some drawers rolled open. All else seems well.

Me no likey

Best part, My Dad called and we both said "I love You"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Elements Earring - new

These are spectacular (if I do say so myself) earrings.

Hand smithed, forged and formed by me.
They remind me of rain.
Rain falling down...falling sideways...glorious rain.
I've curled the earwires up like smiles...you know that  feeling you get after the rain washes all your troubles away.
They make a tiny little jingle when you wear them. Yes you will want to shake your head!
(not for Ninjas!)
(please have a look up close at the details)

Each pair is approximately 2 1/4" at it's longest. There is a size reference in the photo of them held in my hand.

I'll have more throughout this week. I'm really enjoying this studio, and my orders, and the joy my
work can create.

I had such a busy morning, this is what pieces look like fresh f rom my tumbler
(in case you were wondering)

size reference

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sale to Continue...and Congrats to ladybug5 for winning the Tomboy Spinner!

Happy Sunday :-)

I'm going to continue my sale in hopes you find something sweet for yourself, or someone else...

Tomorrow I'll be introducing some new earrings (everyday earrings) here on my blog and in my shop.

Earlier today we had lunch and coffee with our dear friends, Jack and Cynde.

This is me and Cyn, one of my besties of many years...i like to butt my head up to hers in hopes that some  of her mad science brain power transfers over to me...heh...

Jack and Johnny, for some reason that old song
Men men men men...(yada) comes to mind when I look at this pic

Jack is one of my favorite writers, he has a blog called Peeling Wallpaper- maybe his 3rd? (before  blogging was so cool), I think he had a crayon
In utero and was writing on the walls, not too many people come close to matching his wit.
(his poetry is my favorite, he reminds me a little  of Billy Collins)

a little side note on my poor eating habits..

Is it possible? I think I'm becoming lactose intolerant as I age. I ate (almost) a whole pint of Chunky Monkey a few hours ago, this after being so proud of eating so well for so long. I was a piggy...and as soon as I took my last bite the pain kicked in, I have never felt so awful after eating ice cream.
I guess the days of huge snacks are gone, and the days of super creamy delightful dairy is waning. I've noticed I desire less cheese (almost none- never extra), hardly any milk in my coffee, or iced coffee (only 2%)... alas, last Spring I did some cartwheels on the beach in OBX. So...take that bum left knee, left deaf ear and now tummy-attack of the moo-cow treats! ha! I plan to do some more cartwheels at that same beach this fall.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tomboy Spinner Ring Give-away Video Contest/WEEKEND SAAaaale

::EDIT:: WHEEEEEEEEEEE WEEKEND SALE, all items are 30% discounted when you process your order on my AutumnLeavesJewelry site for the weekend. (starting...NOW)
Use the code
ILoveEtsy and your total at checkout will be automatically discounted...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Love You Pepe and Random Pics

as in Pepe tools...

I've been busy the last few days...
I also love my Dremel...

This used to be one of my favorite drinks way back when Starbucks became huge on the East Coast
(i made this with resin and words- all those years ago...now  I think it's a little...silly)

A guy named Dave has a blog post in which he describes how to extend the life of double A batteries in the CanonA590 series cameras...I'm  so grateful,  so far it works! (hubby thinks it's only a temporary fix, bahumbug)

On Monday I got to see my dear friend Jodi and her sweet baby

Last Friday we watched the Redskins kick some (very nice looking man butts) from another team at an exhibition game
(Angelica  on left, me on right)

Soon  I'll have a new item to list, as an extention from a couple of other items I have been selling a lot of lately.

I'm about to start a local knitting group

Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom Ring Order

My Unquiet Ring (not for Ninjas!) has been tweaked a little for someone. This will be the second time I've changed it up.

Dragonfly Unquiet Ring (not for Ninjas!) this item (made to order) will be available in my AutumLeavesJewelry shop soon.

I had a long busy day in the studio. Made an outstanding dinner (because nothing was burned or completely over-cooked) It feels wonderful to have my DH walk in after over an hours ride on the metro to a nice dinner...(if you knew how often he cooks for me you'd understand) ...and he's a wonderful cook. I am eyeing some ripe ripe bananas to make into some yummy bread tomorrow...baking -I can bake!

A couple of more items went out in the mail today, again...
thank you so dear sweet customers!!! :-)

I'll be making another of these for someone tomorrow, and then I'm pretty much caught up with orders.

Savoring the final few pages of 'Everything Is Illuminated' tonight...will be on the hunt for a good book starting tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Fresh Buds in form of Silver Cuff and a Budding Ring

Thank you sweet, dear customers for sharing in my lovely sale! I've sent a couple of orders out on Saturday, worked on a few yesterday and will be mailing a couple today.
thank you
Thank you
Dank je wel

The humidity is high here, so I've been soldering in the mornings and doing other metalsmitthythingies later...it all works out.

Similar to my 'CALM' cuff, it's quite thick and sturdy.
Illegitimi Non Carborundum
(Don't let he bastards grind you down)
Listing for Cuff

this is Scrappy noodling up to me in bed...I think she believes she's a person, or I'm a cat...

Poppy Bud Ring
I love love love this one, each bud is formed in a very organic fashion, the inside of the ring is smooth with .925 stamped. These buds are strong, healthy and need no watering. They can be worn daily with no chance of wilting. (please, do not add water)
The band is thick, and it's wavy (the waves represent a curvy landscape)More pics and listing

this is me pretending to escape from prison, in Lorton, VA. There used to be an actual prison here. Now it's a cluster of very cool art studios (sort of like a young young Art League or Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. I went there to check out the studios and the art, like I said it's very cool.

On the back deck, I was tired, I had a camera, was feeling artsy...my hair is growing longer, hubby really likes it. I wear it up most of the time because of the high humidity and heat, here it's down. I forgot how less upkeep there was with longer hair, and how less costly it is at the salon! :-)

This is my sweetheart of soooo many years, we're at our date place, Einstein Bagels, isn't he cute???

I hope everyone is well!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot Shop Sale

It's been so hot, August is here and the weather could care less...it's sizzlin' out.

I thought it time for another hot hot sale in my AutumnLeavesJewelry Etsy shop.

How about a 35% off all items sale...