Monday, June 27, 2011

800 Sales

make that 801,

what a joy this has been, to know these shiny pieces have reached around the globe to find loving homes. Thank you for finding my work!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Bart

Bart has passed away. He was 6 in April.

Blogger is experiencing hiccups and I can't seem to upload pics. I'll try again in a bit.

We loved that boy.
He was a fierce force to recon with (if you were his prey).
His prey was often a flexible straw, a non flex straw, anything plastic that moved.

Outside in our neighborhood he found live prey and brought us (almost) daily gifts. On some levels we found this upsetting and disturbing. When he was brought to the vets last night we were told this was an ultimate sign of love from him for our family.
We also found out he died of either a stroke or heart attack. 

A neighbor knocked on our door sometime after 4pm. (I had just returned from the gym) and said she had some sad news.  I knew right away it was Bart. I didn't want to comprehend he'd actually died. His head was laying across the mulch and his body along the neighbors sidewalk (he could  have been asleep). The vet thinks he simply felt ill, rested, then died.

In our house there are caches of stored straws he's collected. It sounds goofy, but that will be the saddest thing to let go of today.

He mew'd like a breathy Marilyn Monroe and wanted to be touched and petted constantly. He hung out with us people-types in the house, he was one of us.

We love you Bart, thank you for choosing us to be your family little guy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Sale

and a few of you have asked about photos of my grandmother, my sweet grandmother who is often my muse

here she is as a wee toddler in Santee, Nebraska
This is my grandpa: Grandma grew up and married him...yay!
Chemawa Indian School (he is 4th from right in back)

Grandpa playing shot put (not sure what that is, some sort of throwing game)

Thankfully, they married, had a family and as a result had my dad who had me...
(Happy Father's Day Dad)
Here is Dad in...???...
You guys know what I look like...

Happy Father's Day to all the guys out there!

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Hubby, (my daughter's father) is out golfing, later he'll watch golf with his pa...this golfing action sure fills a lot of days!
I'll be making dinner for the guys later (please send me good vibes, I'm making a dish that is known to be tasty)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wrap This Ring

The moment a drop of rain hits a pool of water it forms a pretty circle. (or does it?) This is a wrap ring made of sterling silver with equally sized granules sitting atop. It's versatile in that you can loosen or tighten it a bit. For a wider band it is super comfortable on.

All sterling silver, wrapped, beautifully soldered. My makers mark is inside the ring with .925 as well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Journal in the Studio

I've been keeping a journal (of sorts) in my studio. How revealing the hours appear when you turn your head back and see where the efforts have been placed.

There are little taped scraps of paper, doodles from sticky note pads and real-time date recorded.

I'm a list maker.

random thought:
There's a diary in my "keep forever box"  from when I was 7, everything is written in 15 minute increments. Reading the events I've listed in my big bubble handwriting looks so halting, but that was just my outer crust. Inside I was flowing with beautiful ideas and timeless wonder.

Since March there has been a tremendous amount of stress in our lives (don't we all face stressful times?).  Last night I journaled that I was ready to come out from under the stress. To live along side the stress, to laugh and dance and be my usual goofy self.

This years golf ball markers have been fun, I even made one in another language. It's a joy thinking of the kids who will be giving them to their dad's on Father's Day. Yesterday morning I made 2 in record turn around time in order to get them to our mailman and out to a customer.

Since off facebook my reading time has increased, (I was missing my books). Real live face to face time with other humans is back, wow-wee!!!!!

I might dust off my old Twitter account.

This morning I'm working on fixing a band of an older ring. I'm putting final touches on a gorgeous dendritic piece and drinking coffee.

What are you doing on this fine day? :-)

Listing this beautiful ring in my Etsy shop this is made from 14k Yellow Gold tube (Tube made by me, not pre-fab) and sterling silver.
It is stunning.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bud of the Bud

I made this for you

Everything about this ring is smooth, organic, and chunky. This is a ring I would wear often. The oval green turquoise cabochon is very chunky. The lines along in remind me of a map. This is definitely a unisex ring. My makers mark and .925 are indicated along the inner  band. The size is a US 9.

(it will be listed in my etsy shop soon)

Meanwhile I made a couple of these, aren't they so cute? They bring to mind nests of little birdie eggs in blue...

I've got more items to list...first I'd like to share last weeks adventure in our suburban garden we live right outside of DC on the Virginia side ...for those of yu who aren't familiar with me.
Here, we have tiny plots of land we can use for a garden. Ours was well unattended.
I'd like to get an after shot for you to show you the whole area now that the day lilies, and white flowers (I have no real name for them so I'll call them White Flowers) are in bloom. My Day Lilies are taking over, growing like weeds, I like how hardy they stand. They were rescued from a plot of land in SW DC by a relative right before the bulldozers came. I love that they've survived so well.
We needed to add dirt and mulch because our front area is on a slope and when it rains (we have a flat roof town home) the water moves our precious dirt down into the common-area ivy) I've yet to spread our mulch, maybe this week?

Hard to believe we live in what's considered a "park" setting neighborhood in wouldn't guess it seeing our parking lot, but we do. If you do a Google search on Coleson Cluster in Reston, VA you'll see that a woman designed these homes, we love these homes...

We drink lots of H20 in big mugs and we aren't picky about what the mugs say...

Bart taking shade, he's a smart boy

Scrappy too...

I love this man, he used his power tool to trim all of our bushes and phlox and the neighbors fast growing ivy

It's been so hot...the humidity in our area is pretty oppressive, so they say (the meteorologists)