Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colorful Earrings from the garden... garden of stones...bright, everyday, long significant ear wires, Turquoise, Yellow Jasper, Red Jasper, ready to list tomorrow... Each stone sits atop a pretty balled headpin (made by me, as well as the ear wires) These are going to be offered at a very affordable price.
They will never go out of style because they are just so every day earrings! They are super comfortable and the pretty almond shape of the ear wire shows some sassy curves.
They are not oxidized, so you do not have to worry about any chemical on your dear sweet ear lobes. (A patina will develop in all the right places over time)
These are wonderful to gift as a Birthday, Mother's Day, or Any Day gift...they are also a wonderful treat you deserve for yourself.

Each one arrives at your door wrapped in a box with tissue, ribbon, and a turquoise see-through bag. Perfect for gifting and storing.

I'm going to  start including coupons in my orders for repeat please be on the look-out for this treat.
Times are hard, gas prices are soaring, but we all need color and art in our lives. I hope everyone is finding ways to breathe slowly and have some belly laughs...and most of all hug your loved ones.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Best Of Me Ring

It was a productive late afternoon, hot and muggy in my studio, no complaints, I have a fan and ice water :-)

This is a very chunky, striking ring made entirely by me. The 14k Yellow gold tube was made by me. It is riveted to give this ring some curves to an otherwise minimalist looking ring. My makers mark is on the inside of the ring as is .925

It is a very comfortable size 8.25

I'll be making another like this in a smaller size.

Not sure which shop to list it in, either Etsy or Artfire...tomorrow...tonight I have a fabulous dinner to cook for my hubby who is celebrating his birthday today.

Hugs and love

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sale

Happy Easter everyone!!! :-)

30% discount automatically given on all items in my ArtFire AutumnLeavesJewelry shop...
just use the code


Enter AutumnLeavesJewelry Shop at ArtFire Here :-)

Yesterday this sold (1st sale at ArtFire), I'm so thrilled because the home it's going to is lovely!!! These Poppy Rings seem to do well and I love making them, such a sweet, free-form technique. Soon there will be more in my Artfire shop :-)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfect for Spring and Summer! Buds for the ears...

These have been listed in my Artfire shop...if  you are looking for me on Artfire you can simply type in Autumnleavesjewelry and you will be taken to one of my items...

I've also added a flashy Artfire link to the right that links directly to my shop. I still have lots of items on Etsy and haven't made a complete move.

It's a cold day today...and I think we're in for rain...such a departure from the 80 degrees we had a few days ago! Spring is so fickle.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! :-)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bangles and Bracelet Cuffs- Shop Update (Dear Etsy, get back the Art of Selling Art, yes I went there!!!)

Hello, I'm sitting here typing and eating chocolate...okay I've put the chocolate's so hard to just eat 1, or 3, or see my point?

:::Edit::: I'm now currently selling my fine products on here
most of my items remain on Etsy...but you can check both shops and I'll have a link to both in my sidebar soon :-)

My Etsy shop has been so slow this year (and most of last year) I'm thinking about looking into selling elsewhere as well...and wondering if any other Etsy shop owners have had positive experiences on ArtFire? (I posted something similar on Facebook and decided it might be better to post here).

Hold on to your seats, old Care is letting loose today.

While I understand and "get" the whole feel-good artsy feel of Etsy, I wish the changes would slow down so sellers (and buyers) could catch up with their advertising tools(I use the word advertise here with a grimace on my face).
I'm seeing more and more evidence of it becoming a very confused wanna-be social network selling site (where we really can't network) as opposed to a good old fashioned Shop. This is hard. This is hard for  sellers because we often don't have the time to put into making treasuries and pushing and pushing them for "hits" to make them "hot" so they end up on the Front Page of Etsy. It's just not a task I enjoy spending my time with(I admit I'd rather spend time designing new metal pieces and rejuvenate outside of Etsy).

And it feels quite forced.

Circles, ah those Etsy planning to eventually open some great mixing bowl of cross marketing through their circles? Are we in the dark with a big A-HA moment ready to reveal itself? I have no clue...can someone fill me in?

When I look at the front page as a newbie would(not signed in) it appears full of unclear links and topics that have nothing to do with an item I might want to purchase. It really does look like never-ending links (in blue and white, facebook colors, not the usual orange of past-Etsy) that lead to a very tiny opening of a list that might take me to the earrings I'm looking for. When I do choose Jewelry, I am taken to the WHOLE jewelry section where along the top are a strand of photos of 'Brought to you by' shops...which means we must purchase these spots...per day...or...should we renew (requiring spending more money that goes to Etsy) and hope that for those  fleeting seconds as new items are renewed ours is spotted by the person who is looking for exactly what I have to sell at that exact moment?

But first it wants me to sign up through a Google account to Find Friends...what? Why do I want to find friends using my (rarely used) Google email? (do you see my point or am I rambling?) Hold  on, let me add a link for you to maneuver over to the next paragraph...

The Gift Guides were a fantastic way for buyers to find amazing items (I used to purchase from them)...why they were taken away is beyond me.

I love my customers, I love creating for them, I love the idea of art, the process of art and feel so frustrated about the marketing side Etsy is no longer providing for us.

My voice and opinions on this topic are like a tiny part of a drop in a huge ocean and I doubt anyone who makes decisions on Etsy will see this, but for what it's worth, it sure felt good to get it out there

I feel like I'm beginning to ramble so I'll post the pics of my newest lovelies

and Bracelet Cuffs

These were fun to make and I was able to use some old super thick chunky sterling silver band wire I've had for ages. I also got my stamping and oxidation on...and am rocking my lightbox again. :-)

Here they are, I've got both thick and chunky cuffs which are very versatile as far as fit goes. I've also added Thinny and Chunky Sterling Silver bangles. (I'm going to schlep over to my Etsy shop soon to list these)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shop Update

Pretty pretty leaf necklace in sterling silver accompanied by deep red jasper and turquoise Czech glass. (the leaf and other elements were metal smithed by me)

this Lovely yells out SPRING :-) (I heard it, I swear...okay...not really...but if it could it would...)

It looks like this on...

My Big Yellow Taxi Ring...On!

Scrappy and I often hang together, she loves her cardboard box near one of my studio windows...her tongue was just beginning to relax toward the floor :-)

Earlier this morning I gardened, here's the bottom of both sides of my front garden, stuffed with phlox and other things (not sure  what, I plant and forget the names). I pulled all those little skinny green wild onions, pu my hand was stinky afterwards! Felt good to get my hands dirty. Later, as I was raking old leaves and would gently spot some flowers coming up I would talk aloud to them, yup, aloud...and greet them.
oh yes, and this is a sideway view of the garden bottom...

i'm currently craving a fountain's such a gorgeous spring day out!
hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Staying Busy in the Studio

In order to have many pieces for the Home Show of AutumnLeavesJewelry.
I'll also be removing many items from my shop (just a heads up in case you have your eye on anything you are thinking of purchasing.) :-)

Home front news
Hubby is home sick today, he's got an icky cold with a bad cough. Probably soon I'll need to peel some fresh tangerines and heat some soup for him. I've not raised a hammer or filed any metal, I've been designing and finishing necklaces for the  Home  Show.

We also have taken up bowling for a fun stress-reducing time away from our worries, it's also a super fun thing to do as a couple. (if we are friends on Facebook you probably already know this). Soon we'll be getting our own balls and starting lessons. After that it'll be time to join a league.

Our daughter comes by often and we share meals, movies and laughs. It's hard for this mama to break those strings. Though I am moving forward with that.

Mothers Day is approaching and in the past it used to bring on panic (in the true sense of a panic attack) and a horrible sense of loneliness as I faced the void of the mother that never was. I have come SO far...over the years working through these  maternal issues and realize that being a mother has been and is tenfold more amazing than anything I've (not)felt. My paternal grandmother was very maternal, and for her I am so grateful. (I love you Grandma)

I hope to zone in on creating some maternal pieces of jewelry for my shop to offer  you :-)

These are going to be offered again in my shop

This is my with curlers and a jewelers saw

This is how I send my Lovelies to you :-)

That's all I got for now...

Have a beautiful day...:-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Updating Etsy shop Later...Sneak Peek

These will be listed in the  shop later today. I love them both. The stones are fantastic and I do believe each would be wonderful to wear all spring and summer long. (especially on the darker rainy days!)

Big Yellow Taxi Ring

I would love to get a photo of them on my fingers, though my hands are pretty rough from smithing...Maybe I can get a couple  just to show the size and the gorgeous way they sit!

I hope everyone is having a lovely spring day!!! :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another New Poppy Bud Ring Fresh From the Garden

Sterling Silver Ring with 18k Yellow Gold granules...I just fell so hard for this piece. (it's bold and chunky, kinda like me)

I started and finished it today...there's a lot of texture added to bring the piece to life (so to speak). I wanted the yellow gold to be a sweet serendipitous experience when you look at the ring from the top (as shown). The outer ring has been stamped with flowing leaves...the inside of the ring shank has my makers mark and .925. (I really need to get various karat stamps)
On the side of part of the outer poppy area is a texture showing shadow.

I'll be listing this later today with a shop update in my Etsy shop.

(hope everyone is staying warm)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Channeling Margaret Atwood- (A ring in progress)

and getting my Latin on, remember the scene from the book The Handmaid's Tale where these words are written? What wonderful gems are found in hidden places...this is in production this morning...

Illegitimi non carborundum
(AutumnLeavesJewelry Ring in progress)

more to follow...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Blossom

for you...from my Hibisucs plant in our  kitchen...the sun is finally out!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Showers Sale in my AutumnLeavesJewelry Shop

Simply use the code SpringShowers at check out and receive an automatic 35% discount on any item listed in my AutumnLEavesJewelry etsy shop.

I've removed some items that I cannot offer a sale for.

I hope you find some goodies!!! :-)

Have a wonderful day...Spring is here (sort of)

(remember if you are purchasing more than one item the shipping is combined.) I recently upped my out of country shipping to cover the actual cost of shipping...