Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh Buds for Spring

Loving making pieces at my own pace and enjoying the ability to step back when I need to rejuvenate. My physical therapy is going great. I'm  keeping my left  knee taped almost 24/7, it really helps. Soon I'll see my doc for a post post knee check and may get the go ahead to start back at my regular gym.

I've procured some fresh new stones I'm really excited about. The colors! Oh the colors! Soon I'll have more goodies for you :-)

In the meantime this baby went out, on thick silver, and I like the accent above the letter A better than the previous one.

Mostly I love the feeling of being lost in the process of creating these pieces.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Customers

Thank you for a fruitful weekend of sales. I do this work because there is no other work I can imagine to be fulfilling. And I make these pieces with you in mind...I don't have dreams about my pieces, they come from inside of me and from my muse, they come from the need and ache to bend and shape metal into beautiful curves with brilliant stones and kinetic movement.

(there are still over 20 items in my Last Chance Section which will be marked down to 50% once you've purchased...refund will be made via Paypal)

Freshly mailed:

i love you

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Picking

Another fresh pick from my garden of stones.

This is Chryoprase a translucent green cab with a few small inclusions. This gem material comes from Australia and is often called "the poor man's jade" which I've accompanied with a pretty coral cab.

Doesn't this make you think


She's a size 9 1/4. My makers mark is added to the back. She's set into a double bezel (made by me of course) of fine silver and the ring shank is flowery half domed sterling silver.

This sweetie pops with brilliant color on your finger!

There is no added oxidation, all lines are clean and shiny silver. It will oxidize in all the right places all on its own for you over time :-)

off i go to list this sweet pea

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sale, Valentines Day, AutumnLeavesJewelry Etsy Shop

Happy Valentines Day

25% Discount on any item from my AutumnLeavesJewelry shop
Use the code LoveLove at check out and automaticlly receive a reduced price.

(with love, from me, to you)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sneak Peek At Fresh Buds

When the sun rises, they will have their lovely photos taken

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fresh Buds This Week

Tear Drop Shaped Mexican Crazy Lace Stones set into gorgeous bezels, made by me. These are seated perfectly so they pose a high dome and the teeth along the bezel edge are all in order.
The back shows my makers mark, along with .925. There is a pretty little flower cut out as well(pierced by me) (I have not added liver of sulfur, these are bright silver) Trust me, they will oxidize on their own in natural places.
The ear wires are a little fancy and curly where they meet the bale in order to carry the bends of the luscious pattern in the lacy stone up through the whole piece.

These will not last too long in my shop, I'll be listing them shortly.

Meanwhile, on a personal front, our daughter has moved out, and is doing well...she's working 2 jobs and working with me in our mother/daughter shop LuxeCoop (see link to right) We just shipped out a wonderful camisole yesterday which she custom has found a lovely new home in NYC.

So...I think in taking this photo these flowers represent our family, our daughter is with us, close by, and even comes by often, but is making her own way in this big world...

My knee, oh my knee! Who doesn't have some sort of ailment, itch or "thing" at my age? I continue with physical therapy and my muscles surrounding the joint grow stronger all the time, there are days when I wake up and take a few steps and my knee feels  like bone on bone, someone said it's a sure indicator we are alive! Another friend uses her knee as a weather barometer! (Just wait you super young people, it will will feel your bones, and you will be fine!)

Later, my friend Jodi and her sweet baby are coming by for a visit, I've heard SO MUCH about this precious girl I feel I already know  her...:-)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

3rd And Final Valentine Jewelry Give Away from AutumnLeavesJewelry

******The number of little brass beads shown in the video and the little coffee shot glass********


This is really hard (unlike the other 2 give aways) :-)

2 Guesses per person, see note and pic below :-)
Edit:: Hubby (voice of reason) says it will be just about impossible to guess because I didn't show the beads in a see-through I'm taking a pic now, and will load and everyone who has guessed once can guess again, which means anyone who has not guessed yet gets 2 guesses...
By the end of tonights Superbowl, I'll announce the winner based on the person who is closest to the actual number of beads (again, hubby will help me with this) They were counted last night in front of our dinner guest! oy!  :-) Thanks for playing! Pic to follow in a minute...

2nd Valentine Give Away

win my little heart shaped domed Ti Amo necklace...if you've already won a contest today, or your shop is mentioned in this fun Etsy Scavenger hunt, please don't participate or hint, THANKS :-)

Give Away Video for Valentines Necklace :-)

If you are one of the 3 shop owners please do not hint or guess :-) Thanks!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Fresh Buds (newly listed)

for AutumnLeavesJewelry shop...these will be listed shortly...

Queensland Agate 20x15x4mm set in gorgeous hand smithed bezels by CarolynArtist at AutumnLeavesJewelry...the ear wires are also made by me and hang very long to accentuate the luscious drops of stones.

Here's a pair of Queensland agate cabs. Queensland agates are from Australia and are sought after because of their tight banding and the infinite colors they are found. These range from beautiful hues of light to deep purples, they are stunning in person. They are also so smooth you will just want to touch them over and over while wearing them...or maybe just set them down and stare...

These were made and finished this morning in my home studio. The backs have tiny heart cut outs and my makers mark. They also are marked .925

I absolutely love these...hope you do to!!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fresh Bud

Here she is, my first ring after taking a couple of months of from soldering...

This will be listed in  my AutumnLeavesJewelry shop soon...

She's deep green Jade, with a flowery half round ring shank, bezel hand built by me as well, she sits high and proud. She's an elegant, simple, statement ring...and she's a size 5 3/4

On a happy note I've moved to the next level  of exercises in my physical therapy sessions, yay! My knee is taped, and boy does this help a lot. (esp. with my super loosey goosey joints!)

On a- oh my gosh! note, we woke in the wee hours asking each other "what's that noise???" it was a sizable leak in our roof. We will never buy a house with a flat roof again...though I love and adore this neighborhood for sentimental reasons, and I feel like we live in a mini park with all the trees. So...for now we will be lulled  to sleep tonight with a ploppy sounding drip drip drip...and looking for roofers in the area...oy vey! (things happen)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day, hope you love my newest piece, so many more rings with colorful stones to come soon!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another New Etsy Shop

opened, my Canadian friend, Vita runs it...she's super talented, please have a look, add her to your 'circle' on Etsy and purchase her bright vibrant jewelry, I bet the colors will make you smile!
CrashingBison on Etsy

Reminder to use
to receive automatic 30% discount at my AutumnLeavesJewelry shop :-) Happy Shopping!!!
Also...I am now taking orders for custom sizing rings again, woot woot, can you tell I'm so happy?

Poppy Rings
Unquiet Rings
Spinner Rings
Stacking Rings...see my listings (click to the right on any of my items in AutmnLeavesJewelry and find a listing, or send me a convo on Etsy)

Knee is faring much better after PT yesterday thanks for the well wishes!!!