Sunday, January 30, 2011


Thank you, you know who you are, you have been an amazing customer, as all my customers are...I feel so blessed
This pretty bracelet cuff is going to it's new home tomorrow. :-)

here's the cuff in action...
This pic has been a bit over-used, but I've recently decided to start using it for my Custom Orders...

The sale is still on Just use the code snow30 at check out from my AutumnLeavesJewelry Etsy shop and receive an automatic 30% discount on any item(s)

I'll be making more of these cuffs with various themes, they are SOOOO comfortable, I  can imagine in summer they will be so cooling to the skin! (this is my second one)

On a personal note, my knee went boom today. I can't bend it. I just iced it, but the weight of the ice was too much, to touch it sends me reeling. I did try my pain meds and am hoping they's elevated and hubby has put my crutches by my side. Tomorrow I have PT, which may result in having the area looked at and reassesed. I'm not sure I would ever opt to have knee surgery of any kind again...(okay stop being negative Care) This is my pain talking, not me. (well, it's actually me talking through my pain) This.Knee.Will.Bend...(I'm picturing myself doing kartwheels, wow that helps!!!) :-)

It's Sunday so Johnny's pop is coming over for dinner. No football...instead they'll watch golf, it's so sweet how they are together.

I wonder if any of you out there have knee issues(or other joint issues) you are dealing with, aside from just a soreness...maybe something beyond where we could share advice. On a positive note, the few PT sessions I've had,  and the exercises I've done at home have strengthened the muscles around the knee.

I miss Deuce and the gym...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sale at AutumnLeavesJewelry

End of January sale

just enter the code:


and receive  an automatic 30%  discount on any item (including sale items)at check out...

Happy Shopping! :-)

from  AutumnLeavesJewelry

Friday, January 28, 2011

Custom Necklaces and Zentangle

Can't wait to show you the 2 necklaces I'm just about finished with, which will be in the mail later today or tomorrow. The meaning behind the necklaces is beyond amazing.

In the meanwhile, I've been zentangling, or as I have always called it, doodling...I need to read up on this technique a little more...It's meant to be meditative, and it is, it's also addictive...

There are books out there with patterns, I really like free-form when it comes to art(doodles and inkings)...

Nay and Pam turned me onto this doodling craze...wouldn't it be awesome to do one one a wall? I think so...:-)'s snowing again, though I think this snow will not disrupt as many folks as the last one 2 days ago...I hope all my friends without power are warm and keep holding on it will be restored, or call me and you can come over hhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Time (memmmmmmoriiieeees)

an old pic from a stone setting I did for Caroliiiiiiiiiine...I just loved making those kinetic pieces with stones, you know, the spinner bail attached to a stone-set pendant....oh the possibilities!

I've talked it over with hubby and have decided to rebuild my soldering studio...(relief!) He noted how much more versatile and happy I was with my work and assured me that I'm not exposed to many harsh chemicals with the pieces I make.  It was a nice break and now I'm giddy about getting an area back up and running soon. Johnny also removed and added a new surface to my bench, which he built for me years ago.

I'm already daydreaming of more stone set rings, spinner rings...tee hee hee

The Art-A-Day (over at The Ladysmiths blog) project has been so helpful, especially on these sort of dark cold winter days...I've been water coloring a lot...but don't have pics yet...and the deep rich colors have certainly lifted my spirits. My friend Nay mentioned a book I'm interested in, it has to do with doodling and meditation.

The days are getting longer, February is almost here, which surely means we're a little closer to Spring? (A gal can dream)

My physical therapy went great on Friday, I came home with so much positive energy. I was able to do a lot more walking around and simple chores this weekend (and sit for hours painting)...and next week I'll go twice to get these stems a-movin' at PT, and ask about when I can hit the gym.

I miss my friend Jessie who moved to Oregon...we're planning a trip out to see family, and friends...

I miss Arizona, Tucson to be specific, and my sissy Roo hubby's sister) and her brood

I miss the warm sun...this was taken about 6 years ago at sunset in Tucson while visiting Roo...and brood...

anyway, the point of this post was to say

I'll be taking orders (again) for stacking rings, spinner rings, poppy rings, Unquiet rings, and so forth...because...I'll Be Back Baby!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Beautiful Day (with Cami in progress...)

yesterday as i prepped for my daughter's birthday...I opted to make a homemade cake from a real turned out luscious and chocolatey, better than any mix. It was easier than I had remembered, then I remembered why I have always loved to bake...
Angelica did not make her party at home, we were very late getting things together and she had surprise plans from her our times collided and Mom and Dad dove into the cake...notice we left the candles unlit :D

here's the beginning

and after...

this morning I just shot this pic, Ms. Large Rump is vying for my foot stool again!

on a much more creative note

This is for you-know-who...the cami, in progress from Angelica to you ;-)

and...I'm getting more Little Critters Ready for LuxeCoop's shop

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Jack, Ooh La La

Jack hangs out in the back
eats leftover pumpkin
and today he stopped by to deliver a heart

This will be listed soon in our mother/daughter shop LuxeCoop on Etsy...this pretty pendant was hand drawn, then sawed, by me, then sanded and sanded so all of its edges are so so soft. The real Jack actually is a "pet" owned by my daughter at her day job. He hangs around outside the office window and is fed nuts and other goodies...he did bite Angelica once, though we think he was confused, and chalked it up to a love bite, a squirrel salutation. Jack loves his food,  loves to flit around, but doesn't love to be held down to one place. (he gets around, in a very good way) I guess you could say Jack is a name for Squirrel our Little Critter Series, Jack is omnipresent, I wonder, aren't there squirrels outside your house or workplace? Do you name them?

Jack is about 1" by 1 1/2'. He's on a 15" sterling silver chain and has a little cut out heart (made by me, of course) with my makers mark and .925 stamped near the clasp.

He will arrive at your house with a sweet ink and water color ATC/ACOE (art trading card/art cards, editions and originals) painted by me. (hopefully you will see more and more of these little paintings in the shop for sale...soon!

This particular card is a Valentines, or Any day, card to give to your loved one with this sterling silver squirrel. it's also signed and dated. This one says
Je t'aime
with an area for you to write a little note...
more Little Critters to come...

This piece is super eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals were used to make him, and he has no unoriginal patina added.

On a personal note, my knee passed (with flying colors so to speak) during my post-op appointment yesterday. No stairs (we have stairs) and lots of rest, ice and tylenol, and I'm also told to "walk normally" more overcompensating from my right leg. Mixed message? Yes! Tomorrow I start physical therapy very near home and am looking forward to the pain ebbing each day!

oh...and it's my daughter's birthdaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I have completerly bothered her by singing "Happy Birthday" to her  several times, time to back off...I feel a spice cake with cream cheese frosting being made in the near future!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A View of My Desk/Space THIEF!

I love to arrive at work with coffee, slippers you can see Ms. Scrappy usually steals my foot stool!
(she has an awesome view)

thought I'd be brave and show you my left knee area where there are 3 tiny stitches where a scope and some other weird meniscus cutting/sanding/removing tools went looks like a 3 toothed vampire bite with the bandaids off, i see the doc for the first time for a post surgery check up...
when i stand up all sorts of stuff pools in the knee area, and it looks very ugly, and feels tight, I've blurred this for you :-)

I just blogged over on The Ladsysmith's Art-A-Day challenge. If you have a moment please have a look. The group is made up of talented metal smith artists in the DC Metro Area (which includes Northern VA and MD)...Many of them have shops on Etsy, sell in shops or can be contacted if you are looking for jewelry. I've met many of them at The Art League in Alexandria, VA where I take ongoing's time to venture out and take another class :-) I keep hearing great things about Gretchen's class and think I'll check it out next.

I'm also going to read some of The Kenmare News, my dear friend Caroline writes for this paper. this is my favorite column she writes, Fresh Eyes, Kenmare I go to enjoy her story and some more coffee.

 Have a wonderful and creative day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elements Series

Cloudy Day Necklace using sterling silver, rivets and labradorite stones...
made 1-16-2011

I've just made my own cup of Joe, and am enjoying being more mobile. I was surprised to wake to some icy snow (not much) that fell overnight. My sweet hubby helped me from Thursday til this morning, and I dare say he was most happy to run (yes he ran) to work. jk...sort of...he has a lot of patience. So, my surgery went well, and I see the  doc for a follow up this week. Using frozen peas to ice my knee, and taking very little Vicoden...the worst are the stairs, going down...

Meanwhile I'm continuing to fight the winter-blues with making a piece of art a day. This cloud necklace came from a sketch from the night before. I like this challenge. I ate a bagel the other day and thought, what a lovely ring...who knows what will end up categorized as art for this challenge. I'm up for it and excited either way!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday

just a shout out to say -hello and here's to a lovely friday- my shift key is kaput, i'm working on eating less around my please pardon...

yesterday, some of you may have already known this, i did have knee surgery and today am feeling great. it feels as if i'm on the other side of the speed bump.  -okay i admit, sometimes i turned the bump in the road into a mountain- but i was glad to get it done with and take the sage advise of my awesome doctor and hubby an opt for surgery. look away if you are eating, or go to the next section if you get easily grossed out tee hee. basically i went under, and the tear on my on meniscus was shaved and smoothed down...also some floaters were found, and lodged and removed -i imagine suctioned out- it turns out i have moderate arthitis in my patella area, soooo this being an ongoing progressive issue i was thrilled to hear there was a chance my doc could drill 2 holes and insert a shpeckle of shpackle into the holes. -he did use the word spackle - this also would have meant 6 weeks on crutches, not my idea of fun recovery, but to relieve the pain even further, i was all for it. alas, it wasn't the optimal thing to do. if you have arthritis you understand the recovery time for the relief would have been worth it. i am so grateful for what he did, as far as removing those little floaters and the tear.
in a couple of days i'll be off crutches and back at the bench working on my pretty metal pieces a week i'll be in physical therapy double-hooray.
ice is my favorite element right now, it feels so good for this type of pain. i was given vicodin, and it's a first for me, it does help and luckily i am taking under the normal dosage for effective relief.  hubby was home with me yesterday and is home today and into the weekend, he's a great guy. i'm glad he's able to work some from home too, i can hear him in his office making calls...which go in one ear and out the same ear for me... gosh, our neighbors made us lasagna! home made! all of these kind gestures are what make our souls smile! soon i will have in my hot little hands the big lebowski, borrowed from our friend cynde...double woot! the dude abides.

autumnleavesjewelry made a couple of lovely sales :-) thank you sweet sweet customers, you are the best.
Luxecoop also just experienced another sale. i believe her tops are proving to be nice items for gifts if you are looking for something for your girlfriend/spouse.

this time around i plan to do a photo essay on the stages of this custom top from luxecoop- with angelica- my daughter making it. she doesn't know this will be rewarding to have my camera off of me and on another creative soul.

that's about all i have for now. we woke to a pretty dusting of snow - so pretty.

oh, i discovered another awesome cabochon shop  i'd like to share with you,  i just purchased this pretty druzy...lately i'm fascinated by the beauty of these bumpy rocks -not manufactured like other druzy's- this is the real thing a ding ding ding for a new ring a ding ding ding i plan to make...and it will look so pretty with my hand made's like looking at chocolate  ice cream through a window and waiting to taste it!!!

 Druzy Amethyst Designer Cabochon
This Amethyst druzy has a beautiful lavender color which is known for this variety found in the Balikesir area of Turkey.

40mm x 29mm x 10mm and it weights 119.45ct / 23.90 g.
Me and my husband are avid collectors of stones. We live in the suburbs in Turkey were we also have our stone and mineral studio. We started to handcraft these beautiful stones into beautiful cabochons.
All the cabochons in our shop are totally %100 natural. NO colour enhancements no chemical treatments are done.
-soesoe's shop write up about this stone

here is the beautiful drop stitch chemise which just sold from luxecoop
been 'chatting it up' with a sweet new friend/customer from UK about this top, oh memories of hubby and my 2 weeks spent in England back in 2003 bring me smiles!!!

Happy Friday and here's to a wonderful weekend everyone.
Also, Monday is a holiday here in the states as we remember the amazing, peaceful and fearless leader Martin Luther King.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Piece Listed

it's a big piece, and I LOVE this one so much! You can find more pics and a description of it by clicking on my Etsy link above the photo...

in other news, I'm grateful surgery is soon for my old knee

keeping it elevated, iced is easy...
I would love to find/make an ice holder that matches my jammies
(this is Angelica's Christmas  stocking, at this point I'm being practical)

I thought I'd share the wrtie up from my MRI, maybe you've had the same thing, or are wondering what sort of findings would lead to knee surgery

morning coffee is a must, even with crutches, this girl is up and about

That's about it for today...more pieces to come...will be resting with a movie soon.

Hope everyone has an outstanding day!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sale Ending

Pretty soon.

I've been sorting through my studio, it feels very liberating to let go of things and clean up!

I'll be adding new pieces to the shop this week...


Sterling Silver



More Non-Jewel Items...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Sweet Request

I took this the other day....this is the length of my 3 Hoop Necklace in Sterling Silver, it can be adjusted if you need, gosh my head looks big

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Heart You Necklace

This is a new piece I'll be listing in my shop soon...I just love it, the whole necklace is made from sterling silver. There is a tiny heart cut-out (done by my hands, of course) and the pendant has been textured on both sides. Some luscious strands of tiny sterling silver chain gives the piece its flirty look.
Of course the back of the pendant bears my makers mark and .925, you will be sure this comes from my shop,  AutumnLeavesJewelry...
My pieces seem to be getting a bit smaller, I  like that :-)
She is just about 17" in length, Chain only,
Her length in full is 24" (including the drop of the strands)
From clasp to Pendant (not  including strands) she is 21 "

It's Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (you guys are so awesome and encouraging!)
my roots are past due doh...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can You Feel It?

Love and Sales are in the air!  (Sale also applies to items already on sale) Just use the code ART2011 and automatically receive a discount of 35%.

I've got new items in Que awaiting their final touches and will list them soon.

On a personal note this gal will be having surgery soon on her left knee. It's nothing dramatic or pitiful, it's a good thing I live in a society where this is an option (I dare not go into the particulars in case you are eating).  After the surgery there is a small amount of recovery time followed by physical therapy...and then I'm back baby!!! (And I am grateful for the opportunity to fix this problem.)

This was briefly in bloom in my kitchen so I snapped a shot...isn't it perfection? This flower is for Lily, I haven't met her yet, but she's growing by the day and is blessed to be part of an amazing family! (looking forward to knitting for you Miss Lily!) Hope to be knitting alongside your mom soon :-)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Per Request...

I'll be adorning most of my pieces so you can see what they look like on...(thank you for the sweet convo about this piece!) :-)

It's so versatile, you can bring both loops (there is another about halfway up the chain, to the forefront as well... I like this view because it shows my handmade sterling silver clasp with the actual turquoise pendant...

Here's another piece I thought would look nice photographed "on"

 These, as well as others are available in my Etsy shop.

It's rather warmish and rainy and dark out today. How is it where you are? We went out with friends yesterday for lunch and then saw the remake of True Grit- I loved it! I'd like to see the original again, it's been soooooooooo many years since I first saw it. (Love those Coen Brothers!)

Hope everyone is having a nice start to their new year! :-)