Monday, November 7, 2011

New Turquoise Pendant

I just love this one, the stone is super chunky and a nice oval. Made with my past in mind :-)
Will be listing this soon in my AutumnLeavesJewelry etsy shop
here's  a size reference photo :-)

I will get a nice photograph of the pretty pendant I finished, I really enjoyed making it along with you guys.

On a personal note, I'm back in  physical therapy and loving the results of the hard work its producing. (though some mornings I'm quite grumpy as I get reay to head over to the facility) All in all both knees are not great so I'm working on building the muscles surrounding them. On my left knee my Baker's Cyst is back, or a new one has formed? (nothing to do with baking,lol, named after  the doc that discovered it). Anyway...lots of arthritis in both knees...just got a great pair of Super Feet (orthotics) which will make working out more fun.

I'm currently craving a pb & j sammich, so I'm off to make one.

Oh, and I just had my hair cut at Aveda, it was getting's shorter and I loooove the new do, but won't put a pic up till hubby sees it.

Hope everyone is doing well.


liz r. said...

Care, that is stunning. Really just perfect.

I'm sorry I haven't commented in so long; I'm working a new job and it's been a crazy fall. I enjoy every post.

Glad to hear the p.t. is helping your knee!

Willow Branch said...

I love how the leaf curls around the stone like a warm hug.

Hope PT makes your knees all better.


CarolynArtist said...

Pam, ty, I like that description.
I got some orthodics yesterday, shoe inserts that hold up your arches. I don't get why shoes aren't made properly to begin with?

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Liz! I missed your post, how could I??? Thanks, I hope your new job goes great!!! :-)

liz r. said...

Thanks, Care! (Blogger just lost my comment, so I'm trying again.) I'm teaching preschool this year.

Love the ring you posted above. What a beautiful mix of blue and brown in the stone. Show us the one you made for yourself!

CarolynArtist said...

Liz, my blog had a blip! So sorry! I'm happy to hear your teaching. I bet you have some cute/funny stories! :-)

The one I made for myself (which broke) went even further South. I'm not adept with super glue, and I should have glued the two perfect fitting pieces together before I placed the stone, but I did the opposite. I glued the main broken stone, my fingers to each other, my finger to the bezel, then went nutso trying to fit the other broken piece in. ALl finally fit, then later I had a (not) grand idea to use the super glue (I'm a slow learner) and crushed red jasper stone into the crack, well...let's just say I made a mess...might show pics, might try another technique...might just put it aside and realize I've learned enough lessons! lol!

Lost Sierra said...

Thanks Care! Its an Honor to be in your shop! Hope you have the Best,Thanksgiving ever!

liz r. said...

Oh, that sounds like quite a trial, although you make it sound funny now. Hope you got that glue off yourself . . .