Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meet Ginger

She was adopted this morning, she's about 8 weeks old and currently snoring in a little box with a soft blanket in my studio. Perfect timing with her availability as last Monday my jewelry saw slipped into my left pointer finger requiring two little stitches.

After toddling around the kitchen she crawled into my lap

We took a trip to Pet Smart for a collar, harness and food. Am looking into Free-cycle for some baby gates, if anyone in the area has any they no longer need I would love to unload them from you! :-)
She passed out on way home from store with her head  in purse. She's had lots of  new excitement today. We think she's a beagle-lab mix, will be seeing vet later this  afternoon.

I feel so thankful  and grateful she came into our family! I hope everyone has a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving! :-)


susie said...

She looks so sweet and pretty- someone new to love and be Thankful for this holiday season:) Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and congrats on your new addition.

Maryann said...

She's adorable Care!
Obviously Ginger was meant to be part of your family.
Hope your finger is on the mend and you're looking forward to lots of puppy loving, playfullness and mischief no doubt!

etharijha said...

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Bisquit said...

She is a doll!!! Happy new daughter and I like her name. Hi Ginger!!! Are you getting any sleep?