Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Opal Ring For You

Opal Ring for You

Opal Ring in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold

October birthday babies, I made you this Mexican Fire opal; this bright brilliant orange opal ring.

The opal ring is set into a wing-like motif with Sterling silver and 14k rose and 14k yellow golds.

My makers mark is on the back, there is a heart shaped cut out on the back where the stone sits to allow light to shine through.

As you can see, the stone is beautifully domed. Seated next to each side of this brilliant opal is a 14k yellow gold dot and a 14k rose gold dot.

This proud ring is a size 9.

I am a size 8 and can easily wear it with a set of 3 chunky rings in my size(8). I cannot resize this ring.

Happy Birthday October people!
(pssst you don't have to be an October Baby to wear this ring, you can also be Ninja!)

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