Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sale, Happy Labor Day long weekend Sale :-)

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The long last weekend is here marking when we change over to...what?'s still hot here...Kiddies go back to school, oh, to be in traffic behind all those yellow bus stops, lol! (good luck Mom's and kids!!!) :-)

I've got another long work table planned for hubby to construct (he is such a sweetheart!)As long as he can fit his weekend round of golf in, we're set.
We'll be hosting a family bbq on Sunday, hope the weather behaves. 

Yesterday I was SO excited to receive an order of tools and things, alas, my stepped bracelet mandrel was seems something was lost in translation during my order process. I do own a very cool - new - rotating mandrel vise though, can't wait to attach it to the long table hubby will construct. I admit I was bummed the mandrel was missing, but the place I ordered it from offered to send it sans shipping cost.

Metalheads, I sent in about 4 years worth of silver scrap...I was really holding on...can you imagine? I did manage to get the Troy weight and finally realize it was best to let it go...I plan to do this a couple times a year. Collecting everything was laborious and I'd like to be more organized after I finish a project.

Here's a pic from earlier, I decided to rock  my Orakpo jersey, Redskins represent!!!

That's all I got, just the sale announcement and words, no pictures, no artsy landscape shots with me strolling along the grass in my Sunday's Best. No close ups with me in rollers, or make-up with my latest earrings. I'd  like to make time for that, earrings shots. (not artsy ones  with me strolling along the grass set in vintage hue- trust me, it would look silly coming from me.)

Anywho...Hope you can find something cool for Fall, or for a gift for a friend, loved one, or for you! :-)


susie said...

Wishing you a successful sale and a wonderful long weekend - can't wait to see the mister's handyman skills. I need to take some time to organize my space as well-it's getting scary in here;) Love the new earrings, such classic everyday pieces with your kinetic style that I love. May they all fly from your shelves:)

CarolynArtist said...

Susie! Susie! suZY!!!! Hi!!! thanks so much. my 2 benches are super clean now, the soldeirng area and the hammering/saw area, the rest of the studio looks like a disaster! But I have lists, and if I follow the lists, I just might have a clean studio, ha!
You are so sweet! :-) Hope the kids are all good. Hey I'mm on Google+ if you're interesed :-)