Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Final day of sale

It's been a fun, long weekend. I've enjoyed some nice sales, and am grateful for that. Each time I send out a piece of my smithed work I feel giddy knowing its going to a new home, and love reading the feedback on each item

Thank you...sweet customers~!

Here's some updated photos of some pieces currently in my shop
(As I've mentioned a few times before, Becky my sis-in-law has  gorgeous hands...)


I LOVE this ring too....

I have more, but wanted to share theses with you here in my blog...hope you like :-)
(Jessie if you see this I miss you SO much!)

There must be a golf game on because Grandpa Bert and hubby are downstairs and every now and then I hear commentary followed by some yelling. This morning Johnny played golf with a neighbor. He managed to get two 9-hole rounds in this holiday weekend, despite the rain, or threat of.

My knees have taken their toll. I'm on semi-bed rest today, but you can't keep me down long. My left knee is experiencing numbness and tingling, it's the knee which I've had surgery on. My right knee is another story. It's giving me a lot of pain. It doesn't like stairs, walking, bending, generally moving about causes it pain. I've done some Googling, and just said "eh" because I feel I know the drill with the whole knee thing (get it? Drill?) Rest, Ice, Elevation...hopefully tomorrow I'll be up and about. All of this because I believe I sat in an awkward position for too long, and I also trod across part of a wood floor in my jeans, on my knees, who knew?!

I'm counting the days till the new Haruki Murakami book comes out...until then I'm looking for a new read...any suggestions???

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