Sunday, September 4, 2011

Family Day

We enjoyed a lovely day with family. Had a BBQ. Lots of belly laughs too.
Thought I'd share some non-business with you :-)

Tee hee, I love our little Mini Cooper toothpick holder, I found it in a little shop at Reston Town Center, and yes, it's made by an artist, not mass produced made to look hand-made...which is where I try to make my purchases when it comes to art objects.
Snacks before the bbq...

Sister and Brother
Beck and Johnny
(Beck is my hand model, you should see her hands! Actually her hands have helped me sell many Chunky and Thinny Stacking Rings)

Rob and Beck
(I just found out he's half Italian, no wonder he's so handsome)

Cady and Gray
(amazing to even get a shot of Gray, he's so sweet)

Grandpa Bert
(with dictionary, he's old school) 

Johnny and Care (me)

Cady on O'Mama's old chair

Cady and Care

Wish I had  set up the tripod for a group shot...Becky did pose her gorgeous hands for me for several of my rings which really needed to be shown worn. I'll leave those for tomorrow...right now I'll just enjoy the quiet of the house now that everyone has gone onto the rest of their evenings.

Last night we enjoyed dinner at our friends new home. Dinner was fantastic, the company was better, and they moved a nice distance so we can easily walk to each others homes. :-)

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