Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sale to Continue...and Congrats to ladybug5 for winning the Tomboy Spinner!

Happy Sunday :-)

I'm going to continue my sale in hopes you find something sweet for yourself, or someone else...

Tomorrow I'll be introducing some new earrings (everyday earrings) here on my blog and in my shop.

Earlier today we had lunch and coffee with our dear friends, Jack and Cynde.

This is me and Cyn, one of my besties of many years...i like to butt my head up to hers in hopes that some  of her mad science brain power transfers over to me...heh...

Jack and Johnny, for some reason that old song
Men men men men...(yada) comes to mind when I look at this pic

Jack is one of my favorite writers, he has a blog called Peeling Wallpaper- maybe his 3rd? (before  blogging was so cool), I think he had a crayon
In utero and was writing on the walls, not too many people come close to matching his wit.
(his poetry is my favorite, he reminds me a little  of Billy Collins)

a little side note on my poor eating habits..

Is it possible? I think I'm becoming lactose intolerant as I age. I ate (almost) a whole pint of Chunky Monkey a few hours ago, this after being so proud of eating so well for so long. I was a piggy...and as soon as I took my last bite the pain kicked in, I have never felt so awful after eating ice cream.
I guess the days of huge snacks are gone, and the days of super creamy delightful dairy is waning. I've noticed I desire less cheese (almost none- never extra), hardly any milk in my coffee, or iced coffee (only 2%)... alas, last Spring I did some cartwheels on the beach in OBX. So...take that bum left knee, left deaf ear and now tummy-attack of the moo-cow treats! ha! I plan to do some more cartwheels at that same beach this fall.


liz r. said...

Aw, Care, I'm sorry about your tummy. I find I don't go for lactose items as often as I used to, either. Right now I'm working on some salt water taffy from our own trip to the beach.

Congrats to ladybug!

CarolynArtist said...

Yes congrats to Ladybug5! :-)
Liz, Halloween is coming up (sort of) I'm already thinking of those Candy Corn (syrup, lol) goodies...must resist...I like to bite each tiny section of color. (Glad you got to the beach!)

liz r. said...

Honestly, the taffy made me kind of sick. But the beach was great.

Yes, candy corn! And I also bite the colors separately.