Friday, August 26, 2011

Good Golly These Earrings are So Pretty

They are my favorite pair I've far...I only have one, I wanted to get them finished, photographed, and listed in my shop before the rains come. I plan to make more of these. (they can be made to order like many of my shop listings as well)

I had to create these, if you felt the 5.8 East Coast (Mineral, VA) earthquake as I did, you'll know why I needed to make these.
Remember when the earth moved? It was Tuesday afternoon, and I felt it. I live in Northern, VA, near D.C. I was in my home metalsmith studio looking for a book when it hit. This girl has never felt such a thing. I didn't know it was an earthquake until the stairwell banister started shaking as if a herd of 14 year olds were grabbing it and tumbling down the stairs. (my cat flew by faster than I've ever seen her move- another good indicator)

I've been thinking about how the big plates are connected.

How our spines have amazing cushion so we can bend and move and jump without crumbling like a house.
How a house made of solid brick (like mine) can seem so solid, yet when its foundation starts to shake from the ground up, its connections are tested.
I love making jewelry with movement. These earrings look as if they are half pods held together in a rigid sort of way. They are in fact not rigid, and move with your head, and are connected with no solder. They do make a gentle noise when you shake your head (yeah, shake it!) remind us of how solid we are as a whole. Each pair varies very slightly.
100% Sterling Silver.
These are 1 3/4" from top to bottom of ear wire.
The earwires are long and compliment the curves of the half domes.
All parts were cut, forged and made by me.

(...again, not for Ninjas)

So  many chores to get done I go...thanks for looking :-)

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