Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh Buds in form of Silver Cuff and a Budding Ring

Thank you sweet, dear customers for sharing in my lovely sale! I've sent a couple of orders out on Saturday, worked on a few yesterday and will be mailing a couple today.
thank you
Thank you
Dank je wel

The humidity is high here, so I've been soldering in the mornings and doing other metalsmitthythingies all works out.

Similar to my 'CALM' cuff, it's quite thick and sturdy.
Illegitimi Non Carborundum
(Don't let he bastards grind you down)
Listing for Cuff

this is Scrappy noodling up to me in bed...I think she believes she's a person, or I'm a cat...

Poppy Bud Ring
I love love love this one, each bud is formed in a very organic fashion, the inside of the ring is smooth with .925 stamped. These buds are strong, healthy and need no watering. They can be worn daily with no chance of wilting. (please, do not add water)
The band is thick, and it's wavy (the waves represent a curvy landscape)More pics and listing

this is me pretending to escape from prison, in Lorton, VA. There used to be an actual prison here. Now it's a cluster of very cool art studios (sort of like a young young Art League or Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. I went there to check out the studios and the art, like I said it's very cool.

On the back deck, I was tired, I had a camera, was feeling hair is growing longer, hubby really likes it. I wear it up most of the time because of the high humidity and heat, here it's down. I forgot how less upkeep there was with longer hair, and how less costly it is at the salon! :-)

This is my sweetheart of soooo many years, we're at our date place, Einstein Bagels, isn't he cute???

I hope everyone is well!

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