Friday, August 26, 2011

Final Day of Sale at AutumnLeavesJewelry etsy shop

Thank you for the sweet sales you sweet ladies! I appreciate you and your feedback more than you will every know :-)

Let's hope Irene moves out to sea!
In preparation for Irene,  yesterday I had a guy go up on our flat townhome roof and clear the gutters, turns out we have roots growing in a lower spout we share with a neighbor...we're getting stocked up for the big winds and rain. Water, batteries for flashlights, candles, yada yada, chocolate...must get next book to read, cannot imagine power out without a book.

Saying prayer for everyone in Irene's path. I fear for our beloved OBX, NC. I hope everyone stays safe and does the right thing...move inland and up high.

More insomnia since our freaky earthquake, woke at 2:30 and  have been up and down was good to hear hubby snore, at least one of us is working with full brain power today :)

Was hoping to get another type of new earring listing listed before my sale ends, we'll see what I end up doing today. Hoping for some soldering action.

What are you up to?

This is kind of how I feel this morning
...thinking of updatinig this photo since my hair is longer, which means more curlers, and different jewelry since my bracelet I'm wearing sold.


Gina said...

Good morning Care!

I do hope you are careful and stay safe during this harrowing ordeal. Maybe you could leave now and spend the weekend in the corn with me?
Be safe, find something delicious to read!

CarolynArtist said...

Come back here little cousin! *muwah* right back! I wish the media would calm down about the unthinkable scenese of CNN for me this week :D
Corn fields sound like fun, as long as there are no snakes, no snakes allowed!!! (can't wait to see you again, looking into a week out West to see my dad, maybe we could meet up?)

CarolynArtist said...

*scenes -not scenese*

CrashingBison said...

hehehe, I just LOVE this photo of you, Care!!!
Glad all is alright down there and that the earthquake wasn't too serious ! xxoo