Monday, August 22, 2011

Elements Earring - new

These are spectacular (if I do say so myself) earrings.

Hand smithed, forged and formed by me.
They remind me of rain.
Rain falling down...falling sideways...glorious rain.
I've curled the earwires up like know that  feeling you get after the rain washes all your troubles away.
They make a tiny little jingle when you wear them. Yes you will want to shake your head!
(not for Ninjas!)
(please have a look up close at the details)

Each pair is approximately 2 1/4" at it's longest. There is a size reference in the photo of them held in my hand.

I'll have more throughout this week. I'm really enjoying this studio, and my orders, and the joy my
work can create.

I had such a busy morning, this is what pieces look like fresh f rom my tumbler
(in case you were wondering)

size reference


Sandi said...

Hi Care,
I love these...I like earrings that move when I move.

liz r. said...

So so pretty, Care! I love the texture in the round portion.

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Sandi! Thank you, me too :-)

Liz, thanks, they make you want to constantly play with them...

ckdowns said...

These looks like pure fun, Care!!!!


You know how to create a party with silver!!!