Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in Virginia

That was not fun, okay maybe for a nano-second when I realized it was an actual earthquake, HERE just outside of DC in Northern, VA, I got happy...then totally freaked.

Neighbors were outside and I called a geologist friend. (she  thought it was fun)

Sleeping downstairs tonight.

Hope everyone is safe. Spoke with daughter who is working in Georgetown, DC, she felt it, spoke with hubby who works in DC, his bldg was evacuated, he's back in.

Some pictures on walls moved, hubby's clubs are falling out his golf closet (blessing in disguise?) Kitty's are both so scared. some drawers rolled open. All else seems well.

Me no likey

Best part, My Dad called and we both said "I love You"


susie said...

Glad you are okay, keep safe.

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Susie, thanks, one of my cats must have nervous-peed in the living room, can't find it though...sniffing around the carpet.

liz r. said...

Felt it here in MD . . . I didn't like it either. Glad you and yours are OK.

CarolynArtist said...

Did the kids like it? I heard most kids did. Liz, are you watching local news? I don't want to feel aftershocks, we already had one...glad you are okay.

ckdowns said...

Who knew that earthquakes built bridges between fathers and daughters???????????

Take care--and glad no one was hurt there!

CarolynArtist said...


...and we're also providing a lot of comic relief to heavier earth-quake zone areas, glad we could help! :-)

liz r. said...

Care, my older daughter was scared because she could tell I was scared. The other two didn't mind so much. No aftershocks that I felt, thank goodness.

I like those petite rain earrings!