Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom Ring Order

My Unquiet Ring (not for Ninjas!) has been tweaked a little for someone. This will be the second time I've changed it up.

Dragonfly Unquiet Ring (not for Ninjas!) this item (made to order) will be available in my AutumLeavesJewelry shop soon.

I had a long busy day in the studio. Made an outstanding dinner (because nothing was burned or completely over-cooked) It feels wonderful to have my DH walk in after over an hours ride on the metro to a nice dinner...(if you knew how often he cooks for me you'd understand) ...and he's a wonderful cook. I am eyeing some ripe ripe bananas to make into some yummy bread tomorrow...baking -I can bake!

A couple of more items went out in the mail today, again...
thank you so dear sweet customers!!! :-)

I'll be making another of these for someone tomorrow, and then I'm pretty much caught up with orders.

Savoring the final few pages of 'Everything Is Illuminated' tonight...will be on the hunt for a good book starting tomorrow. Any suggestions?

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