Thursday, July 21, 2011

So Hot and Itchy

I have so much personal news. Though really when it boils down to telling you it doesn't seem like so much.

First, I finally went to see my doc this morning and found out that indeed I have been battling an ear infection for about 2 weeks. (you know that inner voice that says Oh if I just leave the thing alone it'll get better, or the other voice that says It's just stress...) <---in fact I almost cancelled my appt for this morning thinking I was over reacting to this ongoing pain in my right ear. (enter the main lines of Dylan's song Idiot Wind) So...I was embarassed to have waited so long to get this checked out, and relieved to get some antibiotics and drops right away.  I don't feel "lazy" for resting and suddenly putting my Etsy shop on vacation the other day.
Two new books are by my side:
The Girl Who Fell From The Sky
Everything Is Illuminated

I recently finished reading
Lord of the Flies
A Blessing on the Moon

We enjoyed hosting two back to back visits from family that spanned from June into July. Can I tell you I'm tired?(I'm tired)

 My sis-in-law Roo and her two kids were here. We enjoyed a 3 day stay at the beach and the kids l-o-v-e-d it.  (they're from Tucson, AZ) We enjoyed waves, sand and a pool (which, it turns out is probably the culprit for this ear infection- time spent in waves and pool)

After Roo and kids left, I had one day to scrub the house up for another visitor, this was a 10 day stay.

The most interesting find while cleaning to prepare for the second visitor was toothpaste smeared along a bathroom wall, and I mean a fat line of it. (did I mention the kids are 12 and 14?)

Angelica and cousin Nick
out back for bbq

We took lots of vids of the kids doing various things. How did we ever remember the funny parts of our childhood before we began to take short vids of these funny episodes?

Riding the waves in Delaware

Dana and Care, first day at beach, we arrived late and went to check out the wave action

Nephew Nick-he's 6ft tall and only 14 egad! and Hubby, Johnny

I was hoping to splice one together of the visit but need to download another movie app for my phone vids.

Sunday our final visitor left and I just couldn't shake this feeling of fatigue, and at the same time an ongoing pain in my right ear.
After managing to get a couple of etsy orders out to customers I realized it was time to take a break from everything for a bit.

That said (according to the typed instructions on my antibiotic) in 7 days I should be feeling better. Though I think in just a couple of days I'll be on my feet again :-)

Is everyone feeling this heat wave? I hope you all stay hydrated with water and keep out of the sun as much as possible. In our area the air is "bad" meaning polluted. Hubby plays golf 3 days starting on Friday. You have to really love hunting down a tiny white ball for hours to want to be out in this weather.

Niece Dana makinng face and SisinLaw Roo looking pretty as ever

Last BBQ before Karin headed back to Portland, OR
Karin, Bert and Johnny
Meanwhile I'm still on the hunt for a new camera for getting better close ups of my smithed jewelry. I'm looking for a nice digi with macro capability. Any suggestions?

(totally random, I learned i could tie a cherry stem in my mouth, one of these is mine, the other two from my niece)

one more thing, at the end of each day I get to hang out with this Lovely!

that's all I got for today :-)


liz r. said...

Well, that all sounds fun! (Except for the ear infection.) Rest up, take your meds, stay out of the heat--feel better!

You made me laugh with your comment about the toothpaste--my kids are 9, 9, and 7, and they get toothpaste everyplace!

CarolynArtist said...

lol Liz I'm sure you have some whopper stories from your kids!
:-) The funniest thing my nephew did was take the refridgerated roll cookie dough out and bang it on our kitchen table for a while and when I found him with it (iPod in ears) the following conversation happened
"Omg Nick how long has that been out?"
" minutes?"
This he says to me after I'm holding it and it's a warm mush, ha ha ha ha...oy!
do you have twins???

liz r. said...

Bleh, I bet that roll of cookie dough went uneaten!

Yes, I have boy/girl twins, and the youngest is another girl. They are so close in age that they are either totally absorbed in each other and their activities, or at each other's throats. These summer days have been either really successful, or really trying.

The Wash Post says the weather is supposed to get even worse . . . argh!

CarolynArtist said...

Wow Liz, you are a busy mom!!! Kudos! :-) heat, yes hubby is in a tourny today, tomorrow and Sunday, I have zero sympathy for him when he arrives home this is crazy weather to "play" in. I feel so sorry for the guys and gals out there in this heat working on the roads, etc. oy!
oh, and the cookie dough was eaten, by him, long story...

liz r. said...

Ha ha, as I typed that I thought, "Well, probably someone ate the cookie dough!" (I might have.)

Yikes, I hope your husband is well hydrated this weekend. The weather is wretched. I feel sorry for the outdoor workers, too.

CarolynArtist said...

funny, i bought if for my sis-in-law and me, we call it "lady vitamins" and eat it raw, not all at once (cough). But after I felt how soft it was I just couldn't induldge. I actually handed him the kitchen scissors and said have at it, I knew he'd retrieve it from the trash...the boy will eat anything, he has a hollow leg and much to grow! :-)
Yeah he's staying hydrated and taking a cart. Wow, when the air is code red, what do we do? I mean we can't hole up in our homes...:-(