Friday, July 29, 2011

For My Eyak Alaskan Great Grandmother- Sterling Feather Earrings

Anna Ehutch I wish I'd met you...I have the letters you sent to your children at Chemawa Indian School.

I traveled to Alaska when I was 9. We ventured to Metla Ketla and Ketchikan. Not quite up to Cordova, Anchorage or your old native village...

These are made with you in lovely woman wading in the frigid Alaskan waters.

These are 3 1/4" in full length (top of earwire to bottom of earring)
They are 1/2" at their widesst.
Each have been riveted near the ear wire, hand sawed and textured by me.

You may have seen variations of these earrings in my shop in other forms. Hope you like them.
Here's a size reference.

There will be more added to the shop tomorrow...
btw it's over 100* here near DC, a good  day to stay busy creating pretty shiny things. What did you do in this awful heat?
(I think a nap or a book sound delicious!)


liz r. said...

Lovely, Care! You find such rich inspiration in your family history.

In the heat I have been making ice cream in my ice cream maker. I am not too experienced so there has been a learning curve! But my kids graciously eat everything I make.

Stay cool . . .

Gina said...

going to be pool side will be around 93 here. Wish you could be here, how fast does the mini go??

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Liz, home made ice cream sounds yummy! Hope your kids are staying cool too! :-) I was actuallyl chilly in the movie theater yesterday then overheated when we left...oy!
Gina, are you guys getting a Mini? Are you suggestion a road trip? J says in our other car we might make it to your state on one tank of diesel.