Sunday, June 12, 2011

Journal in the Studio

I've been keeping a journal (of sorts) in my studio. How revealing the hours appear when you turn your head back and see where the efforts have been placed.

There are little taped scraps of paper, doodles from sticky note pads and real-time date recorded.

I'm a list maker.

random thought:
There's a diary in my "keep forever box"  from when I was 7, everything is written in 15 minute increments. Reading the events I've listed in my big bubble handwriting looks so halting, but that was just my outer crust. Inside I was flowing with beautiful ideas and timeless wonder.

Since March there has been a tremendous amount of stress in our lives (don't we all face stressful times?).  Last night I journaled that I was ready to come out from under the stress. To live along side the stress, to laugh and dance and be my usual goofy self.

This years golf ball markers have been fun, I even made one in another language. It's a joy thinking of the kids who will be giving them to their dad's on Father's Day. Yesterday morning I made 2 in record turn around time in order to get them to our mailman and out to a customer.

Since off facebook my reading time has increased, (I was missing my books). Real live face to face time with other humans is back, wow-wee!!!!!

I might dust off my old Twitter account.

This morning I'm working on fixing a band of an older ring. I'm putting final touches on a gorgeous dendritic piece and drinking coffee.

What are you doing on this fine day? :-)

Listing this beautiful ring in my Etsy shop this is made from 14k Yellow Gold tube (Tube made by me, not pre-fab) and sterling silver.
It is stunning.


susie said...

Today was spent at a baby shower for a friend having twins. I also spent some time trying to fix Lucy's hair after she decided to give herself a hair cut;) Take care, hope today was a good one.

My Art and My Soul said...

Welcome back.....I worry about you when you hide out:O) Keeping busy keeping up with the fire news. It is only about 30 miles from us up in the white mtns. In fact, the evac site is only a mile from us. I feel so sorry for these people and am so grateful to the firefighters and support people, Red Cross and all of the volunteers. They are doing a remarkable job. Hugs to you, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

LOL omgosh Susie!!! I need to jump over to your blog and see if there's a pic, at least it grows back. Is it funny yet or is it still one of those stress things? I hope it's sort of funny...if not, sorry for laughing.
Sal, never worry (hugs and love) I have been hearing about those fires THOSE are worrying! You are that close? (dislike!) Will you need to leave the area?

Cynde said...

Opening up all the windows to enjoy this (rare!) cool and dry air! Hope you're doing the same...we miss you...