Thursday, May 19, 2011

New- Turquoise Stacking Rings

I have been meaning to make these for some time, and yesterday afternoon (in lieu of housework) finally produced some. They are so sweet, so petite, and such eye-catching little turquoise rings! They stack with other rings, or can be worn alone. I kept one for myself, it's currently sitting on my finger, all alone, later I might add a chunky and a thinny :-)

These will be made-to-order in your size, with a week turn around time (you know me, most of my turn around times are faster than that)

I currently have these sizes on hand (get it? on hand?) oy...

5 3/4
6 1/2
9 1/2

If you don't see your size and would like one (or more) please contact me :-)

I'm  also about to list this ring. It's quite unusual and reminds me very much of a ring/lariat I made a while back. You see, it is 2 rings in one and as I tried it on and photographed it I couldn't decide which element I liked better. There  is an 18k Yellow Gold bauble and a 14k Yellow Gold Bauble. The Stone is Moss makers mark is on the back. The ring is such a pretty half round rustic pattern.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


Maryann said...

Hi Care!

Those rings are so pretty and I especially love the moss agate beauty!

Housework???? Creating is sooo much more fiun and productive, any day!

Enjoy! xx

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Maryann! I agree, housework vs productive creating is such a silly equation!!! :-) Hugs!!! (stay warm!)