Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Father's Day Golf Ball Markers

They're here, and they're selling from my AutumnLeavesJewelry shop. Yes they are back, and I'm receiving some pretty clever words for messages on these pretty markers!

Fore in lieu of For...
Use a Heart stamp instead of the word Love?
(I have a Birdie symbol, and I'm pretty sure a Birdie is better than a Bogey, of which stamp I do not have...tee hee)

This is the perfect item to use your very personal and favorite "I love you Dad" speak...for instance, my daughter and I have a saying that means the world to both of us and this is the perfect token to  add it to (If I were a golfer). I've tried to golf, I've had lessons, played a round and been to the driving range. All in my desperate effort to join my hubby in one of his all time favorite games. (have I mentioned how all of the men in our families love the game of golf?)

Another bonus to these well crafted (built to last) golf ball markers from AutumnLeavesJewelry is they are 25% discounted from their original price...simply add the code during check out (in the code area)
and voila! Your small amount of 22.00 will be adjusted before your eyes :-) Times are tough with the economy and every amount of savings help.
These come specially packaged for gifting and your child can be a part of marking/signing Dad or Grandpa's note card! :-)

It's all a happy Father's Day win-win gift!

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