Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chaos into Art

I feel like a storm has opened up inside of my brain today.

This was finally finished, shined, and mailed (middle ring) my Unquiet Ring...the Blue Lapis is Angelica's, I"m keeping it safe for her right now. The other is going to be listed soon. It is a wonderful thick wavy ring, with a pattern, and 3 strong strong "sprouts" representing Spring and Renewal.

I just soldered some new Stacking Rings I plan to list, rings with set stones, I'm starting with my favorite...Turquoise...

Earlier I tried to vacuum, and sweep, and mop and I had a chaotic time staying on course in order to simply finish each task. In fact, the only task I've completed outside of my studio was an errand to pick up meds this morning, and managed fresh bedding.

Everything else I've started is sitting in piles, (sort of like the mounds of messy thoughts in my brain) all over the first floor of our home.

And someone reminded me that all I need to do is rest and come back to myself (yes I truly was unwinding) Do you know those horrible untethered thoughts? - I sit here, with my water, my pickle solultion doing its work on 5 new bezel set stackers, and my brain feeling like it's safe tucked into my place of creativity.

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