Monday, April 11, 2011

Updating Etsy shop Later...Sneak Peek

These will be listed in the  shop later today. I love them both. The stones are fantastic and I do believe each would be wonderful to wear all spring and summer long. (especially on the darker rainy days!)

Big Yellow Taxi Ring

I would love to get a photo of them on my fingers, though my hands are pretty rough from smithing...Maybe I can get a couple  just to show the size and the gorgeous way they sit!

I hope everyone is having a lovely spring day!!! :-)


ckdowns said...

Fun jewels, Care--full of joy!! I can tell you had fun making these!!!!

Raise a ring to springtime and sunny days and plants in (or about to) bloom!!

Sending big hugs....

CarolynArtist said...

Love that line Caroliiiiiiiiiiiine!!! Raise a ring to springtime and sunny

big hugs back to you, may your snow melt and the sun shine!!! (I just read your column, brrrr!)