Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Staying Busy in the Studio

In order to have many pieces for the Home Show of AutumnLeavesJewelry.
I'll also be removing many items from my shop (just a heads up in case you have your eye on anything you are thinking of purchasing.) :-)

Home front news
Hubby is home sick today, he's got an icky cold with a bad cough. Probably soon I'll need to peel some fresh tangerines and heat some soup for him. I've not raised a hammer or filed any metal, I've been designing and finishing necklaces for the  Home  Show.

We also have taken up bowling for a fun stress-reducing time away from our worries, it's also a super fun thing to do as a couple. (if we are friends on Facebook you probably already know this). Soon we'll be getting our own balls and starting lessons. After that it'll be time to join a league.

Our daughter comes by often and we share meals, movies and laughs. It's hard for this mama to break those strings. Though I am moving forward with that.

Mothers Day is approaching and in the past it used to bring on panic (in the true sense of a panic attack) and a horrible sense of loneliness as I faced the void of the mother that never was. I have come SO far...over the years working through these  maternal issues and realize that being a mother has been and is tenfold more amazing than anything I've (not)felt. My paternal grandmother was very maternal, and for her I am so grateful. (I love you Grandma)

I hope to zone in on creating some maternal pieces of jewelry for my shop to offer  you :-)

These are going to be offered again in my shop

This is my with curlers and a jewelers saw

This is how I send my Lovelies to you :-)

That's all I got for now...

Have a beautiful day...:-)

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