Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shop Update

Pretty pretty leaf necklace in sterling silver accompanied by deep red jasper and turquoise Czech glass. (the leaf and other elements were metal smithed by me)

this Lovely yells out SPRING :-) (I heard it, I swear...okay...not really...but if it could it would...)

It looks like this on...

My Big Yellow Taxi Ring...On!

Scrappy and I often hang together, she loves her cardboard box near one of my studio windows...her tongue was just beginning to relax toward the floor :-)

Earlier this morning I gardened, here's the bottom of both sides of my front garden, stuffed with phlox and other things (not sure  what, I plant and forget the names). I pulled all those little skinny green wild onions, pu my hand was stinky afterwards! Felt good to get my hands dirty. Later, as I was raking old leaves and would gently spot some flowers coming up I would talk aloud to them, yup, aloud...and greet them.
oh yes, and this is a sideway view of the garden bottom...

i'm currently craving a fountain's such a gorgeous spring day out!
hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Maryann said...

Beautiful necklace Care and as for that gorgeous ring....!

It's lovely being outdoors getting one's hands dirty isn't it? I'm thoroughly enjoying our wonderful early Autumn right now. Good rains have made the task of weeding a real pleasure and the beauty of the changing colours and autumn leaves just tops the list for me!

Enjoy your Spring sunshine....xx

CarolynArtist said...

It does Maryann!!! (I agree the soggy weeds were easier to pull)

Omgosh, it's Autumn for you! YAY! Are you knitting, what are you gearing up for this season???

Maryann said...

Spot on Care! I'm knitting the softest wrap I've ever knitted in this delicate,almost nude pink tone yarn with soft bobbles which I hope to have finished in the near future. It will be available in my other etsy store soon....( xx