Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Best Of Me Ring

It was a productive late afternoon, hot and muggy in my studio, no complaints, I have a fan and ice water :-)

This is a very chunky, striking ring made entirely by me. The 14k Yellow gold tube was made by me. It is riveted to give this ring some curves to an otherwise minimalist looking ring. My makers mark is on the inside of the ring as is .925

It is a very comfortable size 8.25

I'll be making another like this in a smaller size.

Not sure which shop to list it in, either Etsy or Artfire...tomorrow...tonight I have a fabulous dinner to cook for my hubby who is celebrating his birthday today.

Hugs and love


My Art and My Soul said...

Love this and I would list on both. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JM!!

CarolynArtist said...

He says "thank you" this year he was able to tramspose his birthday numbers Sal!!! :-) (something I don't want to do...this year!!!)