Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bangles and Bracelet Cuffs- Shop Update (Dear Etsy, get back the Art of Selling Art, yes I went there!!!)

Hello, I'm sitting here typing and eating chocolate...okay I've put the chocolate's so hard to just eat 1, or 3, or see my point?

:::Edit::: I'm now currently selling my fine products on here
most of my items remain on Etsy...but you can check both shops and I'll have a link to both in my sidebar soon :-)

My Etsy shop has been so slow this year (and most of last year) I'm thinking about looking into selling elsewhere as well...and wondering if any other Etsy shop owners have had positive experiences on ArtFire? (I posted something similar on Facebook and decided it might be better to post here).

Hold on to your seats, old Care is letting loose today.

While I understand and "get" the whole feel-good artsy feel of Etsy, I wish the changes would slow down so sellers (and buyers) could catch up with their advertising tools(I use the word advertise here with a grimace on my face).
I'm seeing more and more evidence of it becoming a very confused wanna-be social network selling site (where we really can't network) as opposed to a good old fashioned Shop. This is hard. This is hard for  sellers because we often don't have the time to put into making treasuries and pushing and pushing them for "hits" to make them "hot" so they end up on the Front Page of Etsy. It's just not a task I enjoy spending my time with(I admit I'd rather spend time designing new metal pieces and rejuvenate outside of Etsy).

And it feels quite forced.

Circles, ah those Etsy planning to eventually open some great mixing bowl of cross marketing through their circles? Are we in the dark with a big A-HA moment ready to reveal itself? I have no clue...can someone fill me in?

When I look at the front page as a newbie would(not signed in) it appears full of unclear links and topics that have nothing to do with an item I might want to purchase. It really does look like never-ending links (in blue and white, facebook colors, not the usual orange of past-Etsy) that lead to a very tiny opening of a list that might take me to the earrings I'm looking for. When I do choose Jewelry, I am taken to the WHOLE jewelry section where along the top are a strand of photos of 'Brought to you by' shops...which means we must purchase these spots...per day...or...should we renew (requiring spending more money that goes to Etsy) and hope that for those  fleeting seconds as new items are renewed ours is spotted by the person who is looking for exactly what I have to sell at that exact moment?

But first it wants me to sign up through a Google account to Find Friends...what? Why do I want to find friends using my (rarely used) Google email? (do you see my point or am I rambling?) Hold  on, let me add a link for you to maneuver over to the next paragraph...

The Gift Guides were a fantastic way for buyers to find amazing items (I used to purchase from them)...why they were taken away is beyond me.

I love my customers, I love creating for them, I love the idea of art, the process of art and feel so frustrated about the marketing side Etsy is no longer providing for us.

My voice and opinions on this topic are like a tiny part of a drop in a huge ocean and I doubt anyone who makes decisions on Etsy will see this, but for what it's worth, it sure felt good to get it out there

I feel like I'm beginning to ramble so I'll post the pics of my newest lovelies

and Bracelet Cuffs

These were fun to make and I was able to use some old super thick chunky sterling silver band wire I've had for ages. I also got my stamping and oxidation on...and am rocking my lightbox again. :-)

Here they are, I've got both thick and chunky cuffs which are very versatile as far as fit goes. I've also added Thinny and Chunky Sterling Silver bangles. (I'm going to schlep over to my Etsy shop soon to list these)


My Art and My Soul said...

I agree with everything you say, Care. I've tried to snag a showcase for months and just never seem to get there at the right time. I have an Artfire acct but haven't listed anything yet. They say not to list the same stuff because "Google" doesn't like it. Do some more research and see what you think. AF has a monthly fee but not sure what it is right now. I pay %5.99/mo I think. Hugs to ya and I love the bracelets. Sal

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

I love your tag labels today: "I love Etsy, I hate Etsy". I feel the same way. Very slow (read "no") sales in the past 2 months for me. With the circles addition (I have no idea what its purpose is either) I'm getting more hits, but those hits are from other jewelry sellers, not from buyers. I had a zibbet shop for 6 months with absolutely no hits or sales. I'm thinking of trying Artfire, too, but dread trying to keep up with yet another website to maintain. I'm interested to see what others have to say.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

everything you said is bang on these days which is so sad because loved etsy and what it did for my business. I opened a Art fire shop after I posted a post almost like this in my blog but so far not a sale yet and it's been open for 3 months I think. Now I know that's not long enough to expect the business to take off but one sale might be nice. I hear that most people have hardly any sales there which is sad. I'm batting two for two now. No sales either place yet paying them to post my things :-(

Nay said...

Maybe you should send this post as an e mail to etsy. Encourage others to do the same and maybe they will change it back. Start a FB page that is about turning Etsy back to the way it was and get enough people to LIKE it and show it to Etsy. Maybe things will change.
I am lucky that I have a shop locally who sells my jewelry (which I take out of my etsy shop if it hasn't sold or gotten enough 'favorites'). So I always have that outlet. I feel bad for people who need etsy sales to pay the bills because it has been way slllooowww in the past 4 to 5 months!!!! At least for me anyways!

CheekyLemur said...

You're right, Etsy seems to have lost it's greatest strength which was that community feel. Circles is no replacement.. it's just annoying, why do I care what other people have hearted?
I used to love to chat on the forums, but that has all changed too.
The only reason that I can think of is maybe such a big server with so many members and features was difficult to maintain, so they cut out all of the non profit making bits, which are the bits we liked best of all!

liz r. said...

Care, I couldn't agree with you more. I loved the "regular shop" feel of the earlier Etsy, and I'm turned off by the social features they've introduced. Sounds like it's tough on the artists, too.

Love the bracelets, BTW.

chic beads by germaine said...

I too haven't had any sales, but I must admit I don't have a lot in my shop. Although I have seen an increase in views, but that's it.

If I take a "leap", I'm going to have my own web site created. That in itself is going to take a lot of research and $$$ as I have no idea how to create one and I don't posses the know how to have my site appear in the first page of search engines. This is one of the reasons I started with Etsy to begin with.

At this point, I'm going to try and get myself in a local shop again and open the door to wholesale. I definitely need another outlet.

Thanks for posting Care!

CarolynArtist said...

Hey guys, I love that we all feel free to speak our minds about the ever constant changes at Etsy over the last couple of years.
I did just sign up for, and am on can't hurt to sell as many places as possible.
I just don't buy that the economy is the only thing holding Etsy sales back...there are several factors, one we've all outlined, and yes the economy is hard right now...but when something aint broke, don't go fixin' it!!!
(can't wait to see that webiste G!!!)

Nay said...


websites are a lot less scary then they appear. If you need help let me know. There are places where you can just download the template and fill in your info and photos and poooof you have a website. Don't get scared. They aren't that expensive either. Under $100 a year if you do it yourself.

Care: Linky to your Artfire site please!

chic beads by germaine said...

Thanks for commenting Nay. Will these easy sites get you front page searches though? I'm also pondering having a web site that sends purchasers over to Etsy for the sale. Def need to increase products before I jump! =)

Good luck Care and Happy Easter to all!